Worried About Being Pregnant . . . Getting Peace of Mind

Worried About Being Pregnant . . . Getting Peace of Mind

Walking Through Our Doors Looking for Help
It was late in the day when two young friends walked over from the abortion clinic next door to our Overland Park Center. Both wanted a pregnancy test, but could not afford one next door. They saw our sign and decided to come here instead. They were very nervous walking into our center.

First Step: Testing
Our Client Advocates offered them something to drink to help put them at ease and took them into separate counseling rooms. They individually shared with the advocates that if positive, they planned to abort as they could not possibly have a baby right now. Each had their own reasons, each couldn’t see beyond their current circumstances, and parenting was a very scary option. The client advocates offered a pregnancy test, as well as STI testing to each client, which they both accepted. While waiting for the results of the pregnancy test, they discussed with the young women their various options.

One young lady’s test came back negative, and the other young lady’s test came back positive.

Next Step: Getting the Information She Needed
The pregnant young woman was offered a sonogram (to determine pregnancy viability), which she accepted. She shared that she was afraid to tell her parents of her pregnancy, and she was unsure how her boyfriend would react to the news. When she saw her baby on the sonogram screen, a new look came over her face, one of surprise and awe. She smiled and asked questions about the development of the baby, and a change was very evident in her demeanor. She was given a lot of support and encouragement, and many resources were also offered. A follow-up appointment for her STI results was scheduled in one week. As she and her friend left, she said, “You guys are lovely!”

The Follow-Up Visit: A Complete Change
When the client returned the following week, there was a visible change in her body language. She almost had a spring her step! She shared that she had informed her parents of her pregnancy, and they were very supportive. Her boyfriend was also very supportive and they have been making plans for their life together as a family.

This young woman almost made a life-changing decision out of fear of the unknown. It was through the support and services of Advice & Aid that she realized that she was stronger than she realized, and didn’t have to go on this journey alone.

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If you are going through a similar experience to either of the young ladies above, you might have seen yourself a bit in either of  their stories. One young lady got the peace of mind she was looking for, and the other – while not receiving the news she initially hoped for – still had a positive ending because of one choice: to walk in the doors of Advice & Aid. Because of that choice, she found help, hope, resources, support . . . all of the things she needed most.

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