When Pregnancy Wasn't Part of Your Story

When Pregnancy Wasn’t Part of Your Story


Everyone has a story . . . the story that is their life. Some stories are like fairy tales. Happy endings, fulfillment and bliss seem to hang on to some people. Their lives, while occasionally sidetracked by the unexpected, never seem to experience the deep darkness that others face. This is not written for them.

This is for the woman whose story is shaded by dark colors, disappointment and unmet goals. This is for the one whose story simply isn’t turning out like they wanted it to.

It’s important to understand that, while your story is uniquely yours, it does bear some of the same elements as the stories of others. There are countless women whose story has gone just like yours . . . the unexpected happens, and suddenly, their lives are thrown completely off course. With one small positive on a pregnancy test, all of their life planning and direction seems to be in jeopardy. Their story is suddenly taking a turn that they didn’t anticipate. Fear, depression and a sense of uncertainty flood over them.

Sound familiar? With a life that is completely out of control, it’s easy to see how someone can consider what seems to be a quick, easy way out of a problem in order to get their story back on track.

But what if the story isn’t over? What if the story is just being re-written with a different ending? What if the story is far more beautiful than originally thought? What if, with the right help, the right encouragement, the right people by your side, your story turns out to be one of fulfillment and happy endings?

You need to know Stacie’s story. You just may see yourself some in the beginning of her story. But listen closely – her story ends in a good place . . . and yours can too!

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And if you wish to have a story like Stacie’s, one where real help, options, answers and support play a big role, the next step is both the easiest – and the hardest – that you will ever have to take.

You simply have to show up.

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