Pregnancy Testing

Pregnancy tests can be difficult. Home tests may be hard to get a clear reading on, and doctor’s visits can be expensive. You need your questions answered.

"Am I really pregnant?"

You may have many questions or even be experiencing pregnancy symptoms such as a missed period. You may have even had a positive home pregnancy test.

So now it is important that you know for sure. A home test can be difficult to read, and pregnancy symptoms can be misleading. 

If you think you might be pregnant, your next step should be to know for sure. And the best way to do that is to meet with us – completely free of charge – and let us help you determine with a medical-grade pregnancy test and a sonogram if you are pregnant.

But what is often most comforting is the fact that when you receive your pregnancy test results, you are not alone. We also have a client advocate who is there just for you. There to help you process your emotions – regardless of the results – and there to help you make a plan that is best for you.

There is no agenda, no judgment here. We are here to offer support, no-cost help, and guidance. We feel that the best way to put you back in control is to give you the information you need so that you can make the best choice possible – both for now and for your future.

And this is all done in total privacy and completely free of charge to you. The pregnancy test, the medical staff, the knowledgeable and friendly advocate – all waiting for you when you need it! Simply schedule an appointment through our online scheduler, and know that you have someone in your corner.

Advice & Aid Pregnancy Centers offer peer counseling and accurate information about all pregnancy options.
In keeping with our non-profit, pro-woman mission, Advice & Aid does not offer or refer for abortion services.

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