I Was Pregnant . . . And Needed Some Serious Help!

*Morgan is willingly giving us permission to share her story so that others can realize there is hope in the midst of a difficult situation. All client experiences with Advice & Aid Pregnancy Centers are kept with the highest confidence. The stories that are shared come from the real-life experiences that our clients, staff and volunteers had during their unplanned pregnancy.

*Her name has been changed but her story is true.

My name is Morgan, and this is my story.

I knew something different was going on with me because my emotions were strange and I was tired all the time. I wondered if I was pregnant, so I took 5 pregnancy tests to check. Each test was positive. I was scared. I was happy. I was sad. I was mostly afraid of telling my parents. They are “religious people” and I knew they wouldn’t be happy about this.

I wanted to hide this pregnancy so bad that the thought of abortion did cross my mind. I decided to reach out to a friend first. She shared she too had experienced an unplanned pregnancy. She told me about a place called Advice & Aid.

During my first visit I took a pregnancy test. By that time, I was having morning sickness, kept falling asleep at work, and I thought my family would find out. I was so scared.

When I told my parents the news, they were very upset. I needed a friend that day, so I went back to Advice & Aid. They helped me calm down and we talked through my situation for a long time. They suggested that I have my family join me during the sonogram appointment I had scheduled.

Wow, that was a huge step in my journey! My mom agreed to go with me the day of the sonogram. We shared a lot of tears. I know my parents were still struggling with things, but this new little life in my belly also gave us some joy and hope.

I joined Advice & Aid’s Journey’s Program. I met weekly with my Client Advocate who listened to me no matter what I was going through. I cried A LOT! I was still so scared, but Advice & Aid was there for both my boyfriend and me. Every week someone greeted us with big smiles, open ears, and a shoulder to cry on. Every time I would learn something new, I would share it with my family and that brought us close again.

I thought having a baby would hinder my ability to succeed, but it actually pushed me to want to succeed!

The Advice and Aid staff ALWAYS reassured me everything was going to be O.K., I just had to keep going.

When my son was born, I was so excited to have my baby boy! My family was super excited too.

Advice & Aid was there even after my son was born. I eventually joined their Connections Program,which was incredibly supportive, and stayed there for 2 years! My son and I are still very close to the other Moms and kids that we met at Bridges. Through this program, I was connected to multiple resources in the community. One of these contacts was crucial in my going back to College and graduating debt free!!!!

Advice and Aid has given me hope, support, love, encouragement, and a second family relationship! Even six years later the doors are always open!

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If you are going through a similar experience as Morgan did, you might have seen yourself a bit in her story. Her story ended on a happy note because of one choice: to contact Advice & Aid. Because of that choice, she found help, hope, resources, support . . . all of the things she needed most.

Take your first step today towards taking back control of your situation. Make an appointment with us. No pressure, no agenda – simply information, an understanding friend, and hope!

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