Where Do You Go For Answers When You Are Pregnant?

Whether being pregnant was part of your plans for life, or it came as a complete surprise, the fact is, you need help. This change in your life is a big one, and it is one that you can’t face alone. There is so much information available to you through the internet and even the advice of friends. But how do you wade through all of that to find exactly what you need? Some of that information even conflicts with other information. You can’t even be sure of who to believe anymore.

What are you going to do?

First, you need to find a trusted voice. One that you can ask straightforward questions of, and get honest, complete answers. One that truly wants what is best for you. Not just what is convenient for you at the time . . . but what is best for you both now and in the future. You need someone that offers not just opinion, but along with the helpful information can also offer actual support.

Where do you find someone like that?

Allow us to step in and fill that role in your life. In fact, we’ve even made it easy for you to check out what we have to offer, without commitment . . . without having to face an awkward conversation on the phone . . . without having to leave your home. We have created an app that can be downloaded to your phone. On this app, you will find much of the helpful information that you need right now. Here, you can find information on fetal development (Want to know what’s happening in your body? A simple click can give you the valuable information you need!). Here, you can track important medical information (Need to know more about your cycle? A couple of quick questions, and you are on your way!). Here, you can even hear testimonials about how we have helped other people who were faced being pregnant – and found some actual help through us.

It’s as simple as clicking on the button below, and you will be taken directly to the iTunes stores where you can download our app.

The Advice & Aid app is currently available for iPhones only.

Want to know more about what it’s like to visit Advice & Aid?

Check out this video. You can experience exactly what it’s like to come to our office. You’ll see – it’s a warm, comforting and helpful place to be!

If you want to visit us in person, you can even schedule the appointment right from here, without having to even make the call. Click the button below, pick a time that is convenient for you . . . and be reassured that you have someone on your side, fighting for you, and wanting what is best!


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