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What Does an Abortion Cost?

What Does An Abortion Cost?

There is much talk about a woman’s right to an abortion. But seldom is it discussed what that abortion may cost a woman. We believe that if you are going to make a decision, you need to have all of the facts available to you in order to make the most educated decision that is

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Post Abortion Recovery: Healing & Relief

Post Abortion Recovery: Healing & Relief

For many years I worked as a client advocate for Advice & Aid, and a part of that role involved encouraging women to consider the outcome of choosing abortion. Having never experienced abortion myself personally, my understanding of the negative impact post-abortive women can experience came from what I had read and heard through training

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Think "Plan B" is Your Best Option? Get All the Facts First!

Think “Plan B” is Your Best Option? Get All the Facts First!

The “morning after pill” or “emergency contraception” is something most women are at least familiar with. It sounds great because it’s just for emergencies. It’s your back-up plan. Its fast, safe, and easy. It’s contraception, not abortion. But is all that really true?  Let’s do a little medical digging to learn the truth (after all,

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My Abortion Story - Releasing the Pain of Regret & Guilt

My Abortion Story: Releasing the Pain of Regret and Guilt

April is national Abortion Recovery Awareness month, so we wanted to share with you one woman’s story of abortion, and how she moved toward releasing the regret and guilt that often accompanies an abortion. While every woman’s story is different, there are aspects to her story that perhaps you can relate to. I met him

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Early Pregnancy Consultation

My First OB Appointment Isn’t For Weeks! What Do I Do?

What happens when you get back a positive test, but have to wait weeks to get in for your first doctor’s appointment? This can add stress to an already uncertain time. And on top of that, you know that stress isn’t good for your baby! So what do you do? You start exactly where this

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