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Don't rush the Abortion Decision

Don’t Rush The Abortion Decision – Why? You’ve Got Time!

An unexpected pregnancy can definitely leave you feeling like you’re not sure how you’ll handle this sudden surprise in your life. You probably have several questions. How do you tell the father or your parents? Maybe you’re in college, or you’ve got big career plans. No matter what your situation, to put it simply .

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An Unplanned Pregnancy in an Abusive Relationship

Unplanned Pregnancy in an Abusive Relationship – Getting Help

Do you find yourself with an unplanned pregnancy and in an abusive relationship? Does the world seem out of control to you? You are probably searching for answers to the scary unknown of now being faced with a pregnancy while existing in an unstable environment. Being in an abusive relationship can make your decision about

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STD . . . It Might Hang Around Much Longer Than You Know!

It is important to know how to prevent STD’s (sexually transmitted diseases, also known commonly as STI’s – sexually transmitted infections). But what about long-term effects? If they are treated immediately, are you “out of the woods?” Are there long-term effects that you should know about? The short answer is: yes. There are long-term effects

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An Unexpected Result to an Unplanned Pregnancy

The following story was written by one of the workers here at Advice & Aid. “I’m 18 . . . I just found out I’m pregnant. My boyfriend and I are scared out of our minds. He wants me to get an abortion. I don’t want to, but I think it’s my only option. I

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Post Abortion: What You Need to Know

Post Abortion: What You Need to Know (and watch for)

What should I be concerned about physically post abortion? Whichever type of abortion you chose (pill or surgery), there are complications that you should watch for following the abortion.  According to the Mayo clinic, any of the following symptoms require immediate medical attention: Heavy bleeding — soaking two or more pads an hour for two

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Abortion Pill Reversal: The Possibility of Reversal When Regret Occurs

Abortion Pill Reversal: The Possibility of Reversal When Regret Occurs

The following article was written by a practicing, board certified specialist in family medicine with special interests in women’s health issues, obstetrics, prenatal care and gynecology. She has also been extensively trained in the Abortion Pill Reversal process, having performed it successfully for patients. She describes both how it works and her own experience in

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