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Help for the Unplanned Pregnancy:
YOU can be the answer!

When you’re in a difficult place and need a friend, to whom do you turn? Advice & Aid Pregnancy Centers is an understanding friend to women facing an unplanned pregnancy. We want to be the first place a woman turns to for emotional, practical and spiritual support. And you can help!

Advice & Aid Pregnancy Centers helps women and their families make an educated decision about an unplanned pregnancy by providing truthful information about parenting, adoption and abortion. We provide a safe, confidential and caring environment because an unplanned pregnancy can be a very stressful time.

With over 40 years of experience, we have discovered that these complex situations take the support of the whole community to equip women for what may lie ahead. At Advice & Aid Pregnancy Centers, we give advice and information to women so they can make an educated decision. We provide aid in a loving environment, like a true friend would.

You can help us be that friend.

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