{Jessica’s Abortion Story} Answers, Forgiveness & Relief

Jessica is willingly giving us permission to share her story so that others can realize there is hope in the midst of a difficult situation. All client experiences with Advice & Aid Pregnancy Centers are kept with the highest confidence. The stories that are shared come from the real-life experiences that our clients, staff and volunteers had during their unplanned pregnancy.

Her name has been changed but her story is true.

Unexpectedly pregnant before 15
I will never forget the day shortly before my fifteenth birthday that my dad drove me home from church. It was just the two of us. He began the conversation. “Do you know why your mother didn’t go to church this morning?” “No,” I answered. “She is sick with worry. She thinks that you might be pregnant.”  I could feel the blood drain from my face and fear begin to rise. These sentences began a series of conversation in my home that would change the rest of my life.

I had been dating my boyfriend for two years at this time. Was I too young to be in such a serious relationship? Of course. However, after being together for so long we had eventually crossed the line into a sexual relationship. The thought had entered my mind that I may be pregnant as I had missed my period and was not feeling well in the mornings, but I had not seriously thought about it until my dad confronted me. “Could you be pregnant?” he asked. “Yes, I could,” I answered.

The following week was filled with conversations with my parents, my boyfriend and his mother, and a trip to a local clinic for a pregnancy test. The test was positive. I was pregnant.

I can remember sitting at the kitchen table with my parents. They were furious. “You are not going to ruin this family!” my dad yelled. My boyfriend and I had talked about it. We wanted to get married and raise our child. I was 14 and he was 17. This was out of the question. My parents gave me two options. I could have an abortion or go to another state, to a home for unwed mothers, have the baby and give it up for adoption. I could not bear the thought, at age 14, of going away from my family and my boyfriend for such a long time and going through all of this alone. I chose abortion.

At the clinic
It was a hot July day that we drove the 2 hours to the clinic that would perform the abortion. After my parents checked me in, I was on my own. They put me a room with several other women. A woman who worked for the clinic put us in a circle and we had a “counseling” session. The women all shared why they were there. I remember the college student who was not ready for a child and the married woman who had been involved in an affair and was pregnant with the “other man’s” child. We all had a different story, but we were all there for the same reason. To end it.

After the “counseling” they took us to another room and gave us a pill to calm us. Then we waited. One by one we were called into the surgical area for our procedures. Then it was my turn. After a quick exam, the doctor declared that I was 7 weeks and then he started the procedure. There was no anesthesia. It was horrifically painful. The nurse that was assisting tried to distract me by asking me questions about school, but I was in too much pain to be distracted. I could feel scraping and suction, more scraping and suction…and then it was over. After a short recovery period, I was released to my parents. I was in so much pain that I could barely walk to the car. I got in the back seat alone.

I have always tried to remember how I felt emotionally at this point but have never been able to. I asked my mom once how I acted right after the procedure and she told me that I was expressionless…that I just sat and stared out the car window.

The aftermath and years following
After this experience, my life completely fell apart. I didn’t want to have anything to do with God or church. I started smoking, drinking, and doing drugs. My boyfriend and I stayed together for a while but eventually broke up. I became very promiscuous and I just did not care about anything. I almost did not finish high school but somehow managed to pull it together enough to graduate.

I met Tom while working at a local fast food restaurant. We fell in love and he asked me to marry him. I said yes. Tom and I had both been raised in the church and although neither of us had been living like it, we wanted to raise our family in church. We started attending my home church and both of us got our lives right with God. Fourteen months after we said, “I do”, our first baby was born. A beautiful little girl. I did not know that you could feel so much love for such a tiny little person. It was then that I realized what I had done at age 14. The remorse and guilt began to plague me.

We had two more children, a little boy and then another baby girl. With each pregnancy and birth, the weight of grief, guilt, and shame grew. After our third child, we made the decision that my husband would have a procedure to prevent any additional children. After he had it, all I could think about was about all of the babies that would not be born because of it. I was inconsolable. The grief, shame, and guilt over my abortion completely took over. There were many times that I wanted to end my life, but I knew that I could not because my three children needed me.

My husband was very supportive throughout this struggle, but he really did not understand what I was going through. I tried to talk to people… my parents, my pastor, close friends, but everyone just said, “It’s all in the past. God has forgiven you. Just move on.” I could not. I tried to explain it to my husband. “Imagine,” I said, “that one of our children was hit by a car and was killed. Now, imagine that you pushed them in front of the car on purpose.” This was how I felt about it. All I could see in my mind was a tiny, lifeless baby in my hands and it was my fault. There was nothing I could do.

Hope and healing
I eventually went to counseling on the recommendation of my pastor. I had always felt that I did not deserve to grieve as I had caused the harm. It was in counseling that someone finally gave me permission to grieve. I cried for 4 months. Although I was finally able to grieve my loss, the overwhelming guilt and shame hung over me like an oppressive cloud. I still had that mental picture of me holding my lifeless baby. I begged God for relief. One day I was doing housework and I felt that the Lord wanted me to pray. As I knelt to pray, all I could see was my lifeless baby in my hands. I felt such shame kneeling before God. And then, it was almost like I audibly heard Him say, “Give it to me.” What? “No God, this is my mess, I can’t give it to You.” “Give it to Me,” He repeated. I could see, in my mind, His hands reaching down to take my lifeless baby. I reluctantly put my baby in His hands. Instantly, my baby was alive and whole! I felt Him say in my spirit, “You cannot destroy what I have created. Your baby is alive and whole with Me in Heaven.” Joy and relief flooded through me as I realized that God was holding this precious baby and there was nothing that could destroy it! The guilt and shame left me that day.

After this experience, I found a support group for women who have had abortions. I discovered that there is a second victim of abortion…the mom. Post-Abortion Stress Syndrome is a very real thing that many women who have had abortions suffer. It was through the support group that I learned how abortion affected me physically, emotionally, and spiritually. It helped me to understand why I acted as I did after my abortion and why the guilt and shame was so heavy. Although, at the time, I felt alone in my suffering, I found that I am not alone. Millions of women are suffering the same grief, shame, and guilt that I did. There are answers. There is forgiveness. There is relief.

If you have had an abortion – or are thinking about it – there may be emotions, pain and struggle that are hard to deal with on your own. That’s why we are here!

Every day, we talk to women in that very position. And they are finally given options, help . . . and the hope they need.

You don’t have to do this alone. You can talk to us at any time. We are waiting for you.

Mary And The Story Of Hope
Mary and the story of hope

During the holidays, the story of the nativity can be heard over and over. Many churches conduct some kind of a service where the story of Mary, Joseph and their newborn son is told, complete with angels, shepherds, wise men and the occasional barn animal. It is a beautiful story of hope and forgiveness, and one that we should never tire of hearing. But there is one character in this two thousand year old story that is most intriguing. . . Mary.

Mary was, most likely, a very young girl – perhaps even as young as 14. She was engaged to Joseph in a Jewish tradition called a betrothal. During this time, while they were not yet married, they were just about as close to being married as two people could get. All that was yet-to-come was the ceremony. And the wedding night. As was customary during her time, Mary was a virgin. In fact, if Joseph believed her to not still be a virgin, he could “divorce” her before they were even married. But that had never crossed either of their minds. They were engaged, and looking forward to the rest of their lives together. Mary had her young life planned out, and it would be a life of fulfillment and happiness with Joseph.

And that’s when Mary’s plans came crashing down around her with unexpected – and certainly unplanned – news of a pregnancy. We can only guess as to the thoughts that ran through her mind. What would her parents think? Would Joseph be supportive at all? Would their life-long family friends turn their backs in disgust at her shame? It was certainly a lot to put on the shoulders of a young girl.

Sound familiar? If you find yourself during this holiday season with unexpected – and unplanned – news of a pregnancy, you very likely are going through some of the same fearful thoughts and worried heart that Mary experienced so long ago. But you know what? Mary didn’t have to face her news alone. And neither do you. You are the very reason that Advice & Aid exists. We don’t want you to be alone during this time, trying to sort through emotions and options without a friend in which to confide.

After all, the ageless Christmas story is one in which hope – and help when it’s needed most – is found. So if you see yourself in the young, frightened girl who never expected to find herself pregnant, and whose plans were suddenly changed, know that your story is being written now, just as hers was back then. And just as Mary, your story could have a beautiful ending as well.

If we can help you in any way this season, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can be reached several ways:
Website: www.AdviceAndAid.com
Online Scheduling: Scheduling
Hotline: 913.962.0200

How My Abortion Impacted My Relationship With My Mother
How My Abortion Impacted My Relationship With My Mother

The following story was shared with Advice & Aid by a friend who had an abortion. This single act had a tremendous – and unexpected – impact for over 40 years on her relationship with her mother.

All client experiences with Advice & Aid Pregnancy Centers are kept with the highest confidence. The writer of this story has willingly  given us permission to share her story with our readers.

 “Honor your father and mother, so that you may live long
in the land the LORD, your God is giving you.”  ~
Exodus 20:12

Born on June 24, 1934, my mother entered this world as an only child of Fred & Florence.  The country was in the throes of the Great Depression, but my mother’s parents lived comfortably on their combined salaries. They helped family members who were less fortunate during this time. Fred was a Sales Regional Manager with the American Can Company and Florence worked for the government in the Defense Department.  Within two years Fred, Florence and Nancy would travel to from Milwaukee to Kansas City to establish their home.

My sister and I are the recipients of the heritage left by our grandparents and parents.  My mother, Nancy, married my father, Nick, in August 1956 and I was born two years later in 1958. As our mother faces the remaining months of her life, I seek to share my heritage in an effort to honor this woman who gave birth to me, her eldest daughter.

For most of my adult years I struggled to have an authentic relationship with my mother.  Nancy was kind, very generous and had a full heart for serving without notoriety.  On the flip side, she was insecure and lived in fear of making others angry and was deeply involved (too much so) with her family’s lives.  Her mother, Florence, was a strict, critical and demanding mother, albeit one who loved her family deeply.  Nancy loved her mother, but was really much closer to her father, Fred.   Fred was full of life and often the “life of the party,” whereas Florence was the “hostess with the most.”  Nancy was a mixture of both her parents.

My mother and I began the distance-dance when I turned fifteen.  The center of my world no longer revolved around my family, but was firmly rooted in school friend’s circles.  As an adult, I realize now how difficult it is to begin stepping away as your children learn to fly into the semi-adult worlds of junior & high school.  Then our worlds imploded with one unexpected bomb … at sixteen, I became pregnant.

The decision to have an abortion was one decision that irrevocably changed our family dynamics for the worse My father signed the papers permitting the abortion and my mother drove me for the procedure.  My father expressed no remorse for the actual abortion, itself, for the duration of his life, but my mother experienced deep grief, remorse and guilt over her part as the mother-of-the-pregnant-teenager.  Our family would not talk about this event for many, many years.  Only upon his deathbed did Nick share that he felt badly about my pregnancy, but believed that life truly begins with the newborn’s first breath. Nancy wasn’t quite so sure.

Nancy has now lived 42 years beyond that tragic year.  In the last twelve years we have talked honestly and explored both of our hearts together.  We both deeply regret the decision to abort this tiny baby, and the healing of our mother-daughter relationship developed slowly for both of us.

For the past ten years, Nancy has lived, at first, under my roof, and now, in an assisted living/nursing care facility.  My sister supports me as I support our mother.  Nancy clings to life because she is fearful of dying ~ this I have heard her say aloud.

Recently I studied with Stella, a hospice chaplain who specifically helps others move through the grief process.  My heart aches for my mother because understanding and true forgiveness came late in our lives. We wasted so much time not talking about the wedge that drove us apart.  I have learned much about my mother and myself through this study on grief.  Nancy lived life the best that she knew how.  Given the circumstances and the times, we plodded through life loving one another, yet living with some emotional distance which frustrated both of us.  After the “event,” Nancy became super-involved with working at Sprint and building upon her female friendships.  I was busy raising three children including one special son.  My mother and I were unable to bridge the emotional gap between us.

No longer guarded with one another, I can now truly embrace the woman who grew-up in the shadow of a dominant Mother.  Nancy wrestles with severe dementia and can no longer impart wisdom.  But she can listen and whisper, “I love you so much.”

God has whispered to my soul, “Love your mother, unconditionally, as I have loved you.”  and so I have.  My prayers are for my mother to experience true joy and peace as she wrestles through the remaining months of her life.

Since learning and understanding the depths of my mother’s love for me, I have come to a state of forgiveness both for her part in my decision, but mostly, for myself for blaming Mom for my decision.

In conclusion, I leave you with these “Six Practical Ways to Honor Your Parents” …

1.  Forgive them.
2.  Speak well of them.
3.  Esteem them publicly and privately.
4.  Seek their wisdom.
5.  Support them.
6.  Provide for them.

Author:  Tim Challies, blogger, author and book reviewer

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If you have had an abortion – or are thinking about it – there may be emotions, pain, struggle and impact on relationships that are hard to deal with on your own. That’s why we are here!

Every day, we talk to women in that very position. And they are finally given the help  and the hope they are looking for.

You can talk to us at any time. We are waiting for you.

Unplanned Pregnancy: My Story of Finding Help & Hope

Megan is  willingly giving us permission to share her story so that others can realize there is hope in the midst of a difficult situation. All client experiences with Advice & Aid Pregnancy Centers are kept with the highest confidence. The stories that are shared come from the real-life experiences that our clients, staff and volunteers had during their unplanned pregnancy.

Her name has been changed but her story is true.

My name is Megan.
This is my story of finding help & hope.

Pregnant at 19 – Needing Someplace to Turn
Being nineteen, I thought “it wouldn’t happen to me.” Well it did. I got pregnant and became a single mother as soon as we found out. Living in my mom’s basement, I had no idea what direction to go or what the next step was. During the first couple weeks of my pregnancy, I was trying to find some sort of support group, or guidance counselor. That’s when I came across Advice & Aid Pregnancy Centers. I decided to give them a call, and set up an appointment.

Someone to Help & Support
My entire pregnancy, I met with my client advocate and by the end of my pregnancy, I felt more confident in my ability to parent. My client advocate was there to discuss and support all concerns I had whether they were about being a single mother or first-time parenting anxiety. She also gave me resources about how to take care of my baby, things to buy, and being healthy during my pregnancy. After having much success with the Journeys Program, I decided to do the Bridges Parenting Support group. The Bridges program has been a huge help with all the information, food, and special gifts they have provided me. Each one of the volunteers cares and is so passionate about the ideology behind Advice & Aid. I look forward to going every week and learning about different topics such as my daughter’s development, how to coupon, or meal nights!

With the support of Advice & Aid, I am now on track to get a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, and am so thankful that they have empowered me to become the responsible person and parent that I am today.

Being a parent is challenging,
being a single mother can be even more challenging.
You will have breaking points.
But if you reach out to all the resources available to you,
you can find the help and hope you need.

Additional client stories of getting the help they so desperately needed:
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Hannah’s Pregnancy Story of Hope

“When I found out I was pregnant, I was 17. We were in high school.

It was really scary. I, at 17, didn’t know what to expect. Telling my parents was one of the scariest things I have ever done.”

So begins Hannah’s story. Seventeen, pregnant, scared.

Her story begins like so many of the stories we hear every day.  Some of the circumstances may change, but their stories are so similar . . . Unexpected. Pregnant. Scared.

Hannah now has the gift of looking back on that frightening time in her life. She – along with her family – share not only what they went through at the time, but also what they are experiencing now.

Today? Hannah’s story is ending very differently than it started. It’s beautiful – and we hope encouraging to anyone who might have a story similar to Hannah’s!

We know that if you are at the start of your story… at the part where you are scared and unsure…you might not be confident as to your next step. You know you need to take one, but you are unsure.

That’s ok. Hannah felt that way, too. But her story has such a beautiful outcome because she connected with Advice & Aid. It just might be the step you need to take to ensure that your story – from beginning to end – is equally as beautiful!

A Life Rich, Full & Abundant – Even When the Unexpected Strikes

A rich, full and abundant life. It’s something we all dream of having.

But when an unexpected pregnancy occurs, life can seem only full of uncertainty and confusion. Certainly not the rich, full and abundant life that we all are hoping for. Here at Advice & Aid, we can help those around us move out of that uncertainty and confusion. In fact, every day, we help our clients move from crisis, to a plan, and then on to a full life again.

How? One step at a time. In fact, that is a major goal of both our Journeys and Bridges programs. In these programs, we get to meet with clients and their partners week after week, helping them slow down, think through what their plan might look like, and figure out the steps they can take to move toward not just life, but a rich, full and abundant life! Occasionally, this even means building a stable, two-parent family for their child.

Here are two stories of couples who found their rich, full and abundant life plan . . . and started the path toward that life they always wanted!

Matt & Kaylee*
(Names have been changed)
When Matt and Kaylee first came to Advice & Aid, they were 20-year-old college students. They were not in a place to have a baby right then, and were considering either abortion or adoption. We discussed the importance of taking time to process and not make a rushed decision. A sonogram made the pregnancy more real for Kaylee, but they still left our office undecided on their pregnancy choice. We gave them the space and the freedom to make the decision without any pressure from us. A few weeks later, we heard back from them. They had decided to carry the baby, and then parent with Matt involved. They expressed interest in starting the Journeys parenting education program here. Throughout the next six months, we met with them weekly and got to see them grow together in their relationship and in their love for each other and their unborn baby. They welcomed a baby girl in May of that year, and both of them have since graduated from college with their respective degrees. They were married this past July.

Brett & Allison*
(Names have been changed)
Brett and Allison participated in our Journeys program after learning about their pregnancy. They had been dating for several years, and Brett let us know in that first session that they planned on getting married in the next year or so. Finances were a big factor in when that could happen. Throughout the Journeys program, they learned about fetal development and pregnancy as well as how to take care of their baby for its first year of life. They actively participated and were engaged in conversation, asking great question about parenting and gaining a great deal of knowledge before the baby ever came. Brett began to hope and dream of what it would be like to be a father. They now have a son, and were married this past summer.

It is truly a blessing to see clients thriving. Their lives have been transformed from that very first meeting at Advice & Aid where we offered them help to get past the crisis and move into the life they were wantinga life that was rich, full and abundant!

Interested in learning more about how our programs can help you? No matter where you are in your journey – unexpected, unplanned, still deciding – we can offer you friendship, support and even a few answers along the way.




Permission to Grieve: When A Miscarriage Occurs

Miscarriage. No one ever believes that it will happen to them. But unfortunately,  up to 20% of all pregnancies end in miscarriage. It is a silent pain for most women. One that most people never even see. But the pain is real, and cannot – should not – be ignored. One of our friend’s has shared her raw and very personal story of miscarriage. Perhaps you need, as she did, the permission to grieve a child that you will never hold.

All my life I couldn’t wait to get married and have children. I always knew I was going to have 4 kids: 2 boys and 2 girls. So, when I met my husband and he felt the same way, I couldn’t wait to start our family. Of course, our plan was to get married, find good jobs, have a place to live . . . and then we would start building the rest of the family.

Things didn’t go as planned.  About seven months into our marriage, we looked at the 2 lines of a pregnancy test and realized someone was going to join us in his/her own time. Wow! Pregnant? Really? We were still so young!! Yet, we were excited about a baby being part of our lives. It was fun to tell our parents, though a little nerve-wracking at the same time. They were happy for us.

Life continued as normal, except that I knew I was carrying a little baby in my womb. We were so happy. But then, one Tuesday morning while at work, I began to have some spotting.  I had heard that some women experience spotting, so I tried to keep cool. My husband and I talked to some people, called the doctor and were told to just to take it easy.

By end of the week, things were worse. The bleeding got heavier and heavier, and then the pain began. It got so intense that we decided to go to the hospital. I honestly don’t know if it was simply ignorance, but I had no idea that a miscarriage could be so painful. I laid there in the Emergency Room, bleeding, hurting, and definitely having contractions. I can’t even remember if they gave me anything for the pain, but it was bad. My husband held my hand as I cried and cried for I knew we were not going to hold our baby on this side of heaven. Every time we had visited the doctor I had imagined our trip to the hospital to deliver our first born, but it didn’t happen the way I imagined.

Here I was at 12 weeks of pregnancy, delivering but under very different circumstances. No one tells you how painful a miscarriage can be. The pain didn’t stop after the D & C, because then a new kind of pain began – the pain in my heart. Everywhere I went, it seemed there was a pregnant woman. People who knew what had happened often said things like, “You’ll have another one. You are still young.  Don’t cry.” I know they meant well, but these words hurt. I had lost a child, my first child. I didn’t want another one, I wanted that one.  Then my sister said something that helped my journey to healing. She said, “It’s ok to cry. You lost a child.”

Finally, someone understood that I was in pain. Someone encouraged me to grieve.

A miscarriage is difficult. You feel like you did something wrong, or there is something wrong with you.  We need to be gentle with women and their partners when they experience a miscarriage.  If you or someone you know has experience miscarriage, Advice & Aid Pregnancy Centers’ Awakenings Program may be for you. This program helps women who have experienced infant loss.  Call our office (913-962-0200)and ask for Kelly.

Worried About Being Pregnant . . . Getting Peace of Mind
Unsure pregnancy

Walking Through Our Doors Looking for Help
It was late in the day when two young friends walked over from the abortion clinic next door to our Overland Park Center. Both wanted a pregnancy test, but could not afford one next door. They saw our sign and decided to come here instead. They were very nervous walking into our center.

First Step: Testing
Our Client Advocates offered them something to drink to help put them at ease and took them into separate counseling rooms. They individually shared with the advocates that if positive, they planned to abort as they could not possibly have a baby right now. Each had their own reasons, each couldn’t see beyond their current circumstances, and parenting was a very scary option. The client advocates offered a pregnancy test, as well as STI testing to each client, which they both accepted. While waiting for the results of the pregnancy test, they discussed with the young women their various options.

One young lady’s test came back negative, and the other young lady’s test came back positive.

Next Step: Getting the Information She Needed
The pregnant young woman was offered a sonogram (to determine pregnancy viability), which she accepted. She shared that she was afraid to tell her parents of her pregnancy, and she was unsure how her boyfriend would react to the news. When she saw her baby on the sonogram screen, a new look came over her face, one of surprise and awe. She smiled and asked questions about the development of the baby, and a change was very evident in her demeanor. She was given a lot of support and encouragement, and many resources were also offered. A follow-up appointment for her STI results was scheduled in one week. As she and her friend left, she said, “You guys are lovely!”

The Follow-Up Visit: A Complete Change
When the client returned the following week, there was a visible change in her body language. She almost had a spring her step! She shared that she had informed her parents of her pregnancy, and they were very supportive. Her boyfriend was also very supportive and they have been making plans for their life together as a family.

This young woman almost made a life-changing decision out of fear of the unknown. It was through the support and services of Advice & Aid that she realized that she was stronger than she realized, and didn’t have to go on this journey alone.

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When Pregnancy Wasn’t Part of Your Story

Where Do You Go For Answers When You Are Pregnant?

If you are going through a similar experience to either of the young ladies above, you might have seen yourself a bit in either of  their stories. One young lady got the peace of mind she was looking for, and the other – while not receiving the news she initially hoped for – still had a positive ending because of one choice: to walk in the doors of Advice & Aid. Because of that choice, she found help, hope, resources, support . . . all of the things she needed most.

Take your first step today towards taking back control of your own situation. Make an appointment with us.

No pressure
No agenda
Simply the information you need . . . an understanding friend, and hope!

An Unexpected Result to an Unplanned Pregnancy
Unexpected Result to Unplanned Pregnancy

The following story was written by one of the workers here at Advice & Aid.

“I’m 18 . . . I just found out I’m pregnant. My boyfriend and I are scared out of our minds. He wants me to get an abortion. I don’t want to, but I think it’s my only option. I have nothing that I can give to this baby. No money, I don’t have my own place. I have nothing.  But I also can’t tell my parents. . . “

This message popped up in our chat box at Advice & Aid one morning. It happened to be on the morning of my daughter’s birthday . . . a situation that really hit home. You see, my daughter was my “surprise” when I was only 20 years old.

My response to the person on the other end of the chat:

“Take a moment to breathe . . . You’re not alone.”

That first response started a conversation that would continue on and off between Krista (not her real name) and me for a few months. When I first met Krista, she was still very much undecided as to what to do. I had encouraged her to come in for an ultrasound so we could determine viability. Another month went by before she reached out to me again and told me she still hadn’t decided about continuing her pregnancy. Around her 17th week of pregnancy, she contacted me yet again to say she decided she would parent the baby. She was still having a hard time acknowledging the pregnancy with other family members and didn’t tell them until much later.

From the moment of first contact, I kept in touch with Krista on a regular basis. Almost 8 months from the first chat message, I heard from Krista that she had a baby boy. She said, “My family loves him more than anything and my boyfriend and his mom love him to . . . This whole experience is going one thousand times better than I thought it would.”

Getting to meet her little guy was one of the happiest moments in my life. To see Krista happy and nurturing her new baby boy brought so much joy to my heart. She joined Bridges* and has been attending ever since. Her little guy will turn one year old next month. I couldn’t be more thankful for answering that very first chat!

*To learn more about our Bridges program, click here.


Krista’s story just goes to show that sometimes, what is feared the most during an unplanned pregnancy turns out to be not true at all. With the right help, the right support, and the right tools to prepare for pregnancy and parenthood, Krista has proven that she did have something to give this baby – the things he needs most: life and love.

If you or someone you know finds yourself in a situation similar to Krista’s, it’s important to know that there is real, true, difference-making help through Advice & Aid.

Take the first step. Just start the conversation with us. We guarantee no judgment, no pressure. Just honest answers and someone who promises to walk with you through every step of the journey.


When Pregnancy Wasn’t Part of Your Story


Everyone has a story . . . the story that is their life. Some stories are like fairy tales. Happy endings, fulfillment and bliss seem to hang on to some people. Their lives, while occasionally sidetracked by the unexpected, never seem to experience the deep darkness that others face. This is not written for them.

This is for the woman whose story is shaded by dark colors, disappointment and unmet goals. This is for the one whose story simply isn’t turning out like they wanted it to.

It’s important to understand that, while your story is uniquely yours, it does bear some of the same elements as the stories of others. There are countless women whose story has gone just like yours . . . the unexpected happens, and suddenly, their lives are thrown completely off course. With one small positive on a pregnancy test, all of their life planning and direction seems to be in jeopardy. Their story is suddenly taking a turn that they didn’t anticipate. Fear, depression and a sense of uncertainty flood over them.

Sound familiar? With a life that is completely out of control, it’s easy to see how someone can consider what seems to be a quick, easy way out of a problem in order to get their story back on track.

But what if the story isn’t over? What if the story is just being re-written with a different ending? What if the story is far more beautiful than originally thought? What if, with the right help, the right encouragement, the right people by your side, your story turns out to be one of fulfillment and happy endings?

You need to know Stacie’s story. You just may see yourself some in the beginning of her story. But listen closely – her story ends in a good place . . . and yours can too!

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And if you wish to have a story like Stacie’s, one where real help, options, answers and support play a big role, the next step is both the easiest – and the hardest – that you will ever have to take.

You simply have to show up.

Take your first step today towards taking back control of your situation. Make an appointment with us. No pressure, no agenda – simply information, an understanding friend, and hope!