She Chose Life . . . And Got Life’s Greatest Blessing

Even though every person’s story is different, they all have common threads running through them. This is Maria’s story – she has shared it with us so that others can see how she found the strength and the help she needed to move forward.

We all need help. Maria found that help through Advice & Aid’s Bridges programWe have many ways of offering help – for the teenager who suddenly finds herself pregnant; for the college student like Maria, who has other plans for her life; and even for those who already have a family but need an extra boost.

Maybe you will see a bit of yourself in Maria’s story. She got the help she needed.
You can too.

My name is Maria and this is my Advice & Aid story. Several years ago I was blessed with a daughter. Even though she was not in my plans or in “my time,” she was definitely in God’s time. I was in college and I knew that I had to choose whether to have her or not.


qUOTEI had to re-evaluate school, my hobbies and my dreams because now it was not just about me, but also someone fragile – this little angel that depended on me.

I was a single mom for five years. Those years made more more mature and taught me that the value of life is not just based on material things. The value of life is based on love, consistency and perseverance. I may not have had a lot of money back then, but we had each other. I could see on her face that she was as happy as I was having her in my life.

Time went by fast. I found the right man who is now my husband. My perfect time finally came, and I had my second child, a boy, that I love as deeply as my daughter. Shortly afterwards, I learned that Advice & aid had this amazing program called Bridges. It is a two-year program, and my baby was 8 months old when I started. I am really thankful to Advice & Aid for the opportunity to participate, because it was such a great help to me and my family.

I graduated from the Bridges program in December, 2015. I learned a lot there, and I also found the courage to go back to school. I now have three different certifications in the medical field. I learned how to invest and save my money; I learned about different healthy foods that i can make for my family. I also had a CPR class during my two years in the program. The most valuable thing is that the coordinators and staff are not just there, they really care about every person in the program. They treat us as a family. That’s how it feels; that’s how I feel. I have the support of a family.

Do you see yourself in this story? Could you use a support – a family – like the one at Advice & Aid?


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