The Bravest Decision – My Mom’s Decision to Choose Life

Often on this blog, we hear from women who made the brave decision to choose life for their unborn child. Their decision, while not always easy, often brings fulfillment and joy into their lives. Knowing that they don’t have to do this alone many times makes this difficult situation just a bit more bearable.

We have a unique opportunity this time to hear from the daughter of a brave woman who chose life for her twins. Because of her unwillingness to abort these two unborn daughters – even in the face of opposition from those around her – two very special young ladies now have a voice in this world. And what a special voice it is! And she didn’t have to do it alone.

Rian’s Story

My name is Rian, My mom is Nicole and I have a twin sister names Reis. We are 14 years old. When my mom was 17 years old, she got pregnant. You can’t imagine how astounded she was to figure out she wasn’t having just one baby, but two!!! My mom’s friends as well as my biological father wanted her to abort, but she didn’t. Although my mom raised us as a single mom, I couldn’t have asked for anything better.

I am extremely blessed that my amazing mom kept and cared for my sister and me. I think having a young mom is so great! We have so much fun in so many ways. I can tell my mom anything!

I have heard many stories from my mom and family about the struggles of being young and having kids. But every story I hear ends with, “But I wouldn’t change a thing.” Yes, there are some stories that aren’t all that great, yet they have helped shape my mom into the responsible adult she is today. Being able to connect with a place like Advice & Aid and receiving help there has helped my mom raise my sister and me. We have grown into the outgoing and loving twins we are today, which is what we are known for.

Through the guidance my mom received from Advice & Aid, she learned although being a young mom is hard, she will always have a support system behind her. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for the things Advice & Aid does that helped form my mom into the great one she is today!

If you know of someone who is experiencing an unexpected pregnancy, and they feel their only option is abortion, please share us with them! The very real help – both physical and emotional – that we can offer them could make all the difference.

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