Pregnancy Help You Are Looking For . . . Our Bridges Program

Help. We all need it from time to time. Sometimes it’s just nice to have help. Sometimes, we couldn’t make it through our current situation without help.

When it comes to being pregnant, it doesn’t matter if it’s unplanned or planned, it is a big deal . . . and help is certainly needed. When a pregnancy is unexpected, there are emotions, decisions and circumstances to work through. Sometimes the pregnancy is expected, but the couple is overwhelmed with all that has to happen. Even if this is not a first-time pregnancy, it can simply be a lot to take in.

What is needed most is help . . . and Advice & Aid is here to provide that needed help.

One of the ways that we help is through a program called Bridges. Through this two year program, participants can find the practical, emotional, spiritual, social and intellectual help they need. At Bridges, you will find the following:

The Right Environment
Part of getting the help that is needed is feeling comfortable with the surrounding environment. Our goal is to make our participants feel safe and loved. This allows them to grow and flourish. The care and compassion that greets every participant in Bridges immediately puts them at ease and allows them to feel comfortable with the level of help they are receiving.

The Right Activities
At Bridges, we provide not only highly-valuable and necessary education, but also a place to connect with others in a small group setting. We create a feeling of community and family by providing shared meals and special events. The connections that these activities produce are lasting.

The Right Stuff
Once a participant completes the Bridges program, they are empowered to be the best parents they can be! Imagine going from the feelings of overwhelmed new parents to confident and well-adjusted parents with a happy child. We can help you make that transition with all the help you need.

Educational and relational – these are the very types of help that a parent-to-be needs. Through Bridges, we provide that help, and so much more!

For more information about our Bridges program, please contact us at 913-962-0200. By calling, you are not committing yourself to come – you will be simply speaking to someone who can begin to give you the information you need.

The help you need might just be right around the corner!


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