Unplanned Pregnancy – Help For The Guy!

It is easy to think of only the young woman when an unplanned pregnancy occurs; but that is only half of the equation. What about the young man? They often need guidance, encouragement and hope just as much as the one who is pregnant.

Not very many places reach out to the men in this situation. But at Advice & Aid, we not only reach out to them, but we have a young man on staff who is there for that very purpose. Kyle’s story of being there to help other young men is one that needs to be shared.

Young men need help during an unplanned pregnancy, too.
We can be that help!

I was eighteen years of age, standing in front of an abortion provider with my friends praying, and one of them leaned over and said, “Just think – for every woman that walks in there, a man is somewhere else, not involved.”

His comment took me by surprise because I had honestly not thought of the men involved in unplanned pregnancies. It was always a woman’s issue to me and, like many people today, I didn’t value the importance of the men involved.

I am now in my 8th month working at Advice & Aid and I have the privilege of meeting with some of the men who walk through our doors. I have met with men from multiple countries and a variety of ages, ranging from still in high school to late thirties. Their stories are varied. Men have walked into Advice & Aid barely knowing the mother of the baby, estranged from her, or married to her.

After talking with male clients and seeing their influence on the mother’s decision, I cannot stress how important the fathers are. Nearly all of the men I have met with were considering abortion. And although I have had a few discouraging conversations, I am mostly encouraged by the decisions of these young men. They want to make the right choice.

In the midst of the pressure of an unplanned pregnancy, these men are asking the question, “Do I have what it takes?” They want to know if they are capable of being a dad. Some of the male clients never had a dad in their own life. They were never taught how to be a dad. Some have good fathers but need to be reminded to act with courage and not fear.

We desire to be an encouraging voice to these men. My goal is to value the men who walk into Advice & Aid. I want to treat them like they are a father, not a bum boyfriend. As a young man (I am 25), I know that I am constantly looking to the older men in my life for answers on how to take care of my family, work hard, and serve others.

That is why we need fathers to volunteer to spend time sharing their wisdom with young dads at Advice & Aid. Together, we can make abortion unthinkable, one life at a time.

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If you have just found out that your girlfriend is pregnant, you need somewhere to turn that can offer both of you real answers . . . and some hope and encouragement.

Don’t hesitate – Come in and talk with Kyle. He can offer guidance, options, and the help that you are looking for!

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