When Your Choices Leaves You Broken

When Your Choice Leaves You Broken: A True Story

*Ann is  willingly giving us permission to share her story so that others can realize there is hope in the midst of a difficult situation. All client experiences with Advice & Aid Pregnancy Centers are kept with the highest confidence. The stories that are shared come from the real-life experiences that our clients, staff and volunteers had during their unplanned pregnancy.

*Her name has been changed but her story is true.

My name is Ann.
This is my abortion story.

When I was 15 years old I was in what I thought was a serious relationship. I became sexually active and soon found myself pregnant.

I told no one and attempted to deny reality. I was involved in high school sports which kept me in shape, making it easy for me to pretend I was not pregnant. My mother, however, began to notice changes in me. Eventually, she convinced me to make a doctor’s appointment. It was there we both learned that I was in my sixth month of pregnancy.

Reality hit hard that day.

It wasn’t long until I learned that my mother set up an appointment for a late term abortion procedure. She drove me to a clinic three hours from our home, telling the rest of the family we were going on vacation. It was no vacation. In fact that weekend was my worst nightmare; I could hardly believe I was living it.

When the day of the abortion came I thought that  it was my best option. After all, my mother was making this decision with me in mind. I was taken to a room where I was shown on a monitor how my baby looked and what was happening during the abortion procedure. I did not pay attention. I just wanted it to be over. The physical pain of giving birth without any pain relief had me crying out while the doctor was telling me to be considerate of others and stop, otherwise he would not continue with the procedure. I sucked it up, and for that weekend I did not cry. I did not cry at all. Not when I had to give birth to a dead child. Not when I had to come home and tell everyone how wonderful my vacation was. This was never spoken about again.

Denial became a way of life.

My grades in school began to fail. I began to walk away from my friends, my sports, and my education. I was broken and crying inside, yet I was not sure why. After all, wasn’t this the best choice for a single teenager with an unplanned pregnancy? Isn’t your life supposed to just go on?

When I became pregnant again in my late twenties I wanted to have an abortion. I believed I was not fit to be someone’s mother. I believed abortion was the only way out of a pregnancy. But I came to learn that there are other options. I was introduced to the “angels” at Advice & Aid. Not only were they my “angels,” they became my unborn daughter’s “angels” too!

In ten years of suffering I finally had someone who was there to listen without judging.
Advice & Aid was there to let me cry, to let me scream, to let me laugh, to let me share MY story.
There was no condemning, only support

Advice & Aid let me know that there was someone available to me 24/7. If I needed to call or meet with someone in person, they were there. Most importantly they gave me what I needed to make an informed decision.

This time, I chose to continue the pregnancy. My  daughter is now three years old and is my world, my strength, my best friend.

Advice & Aid continues to be there for me, offering compassion and understanding. They don’t expect anything in return. Advice & Aid became my safe place. Safe to make a decision for myself and for my daughter, safe to talk to someone about the feelings I had suppressed for so long, safe to finally get help and feel whole again so that I could be the best woman, friend, and mother I can be.

I owe my daughter’s life to the amazing people at Advice & Aid. I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to walk through their doors. When things got tough they were there and I found that their support gave me the strength and courage that I needed.

At one point in my life, I thought I would never finish high school. I am now a college graduate. I used to be unable to even get out of bed. I now have a successful career. I used to believe that I was not worthy to be a mother. I now have an amazing family.

I hope that my story saves someone, anyone, from years of suffering like I did. Advice & Aid can – and will – help.

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If you have had an abortion – or are thinking about it – there may be emotions, pain and struggle that are hard to deal with on your own. That’s why we are here.

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