You Have to Decide Today! (Actually, you don’t – and here’s why)

You Have to Decide Today! (Actually, you don’t – and here’s why)

Have you ever felt rushed to make a decision, only to later regret the choice you made when stressed? Too often we feel like we’re forced to make difficult decisions quicker than we’d like.

An unplanned pregnancy is definitely one of those situations that seems to force us into quick decisions. But you may benefit from taking a little more time to work through these simple steps.

  • Schedule time to think about and discuss the situation
    Any important decision should be thought about deeply, and discussed with those involved. You and your partner should set time aside to specifically discuss how your decision about the pregnancy will affect you both. Your comfort with your decision will be directly tied to the time you spent considering it together.
  • Define the options, completely
    Each decision we make affects us in more areas than we realize. For instance, you don’t choose a job just based on pay, but you consider the hours required, commute time, who you work with, responsibilities, and so on.

To make a wise decision is to define your options completely, and chose effectively.

  • Consider values against plans
    When we make rushed decisions, our values are often forgotten. We think only in short-term outcome, and not long-term impact. When your values help guide your decisions, you safeguard yourself against future regret. Taking the extra time to press your decision through your values filter will help you make a decision that you can be proud of.

We know you might be stressed, and feeling as though you can’t afford another day without deciding. However, we promise that you will NEVER regret taking a little more time to consider your options before making such an important decision.

At Advice & Aid our goal is to empower women to make educated choices about their health and well-being.  We provide medical and educational services before, during and after pregnancies for women and their partners. We can provide answers to all the questions they should be asking before having an abortion…all at no cost! We also offer programs for women who have experienced an abortion in the past and are seeking help and healing.

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