How We Help With An Unexpected Pregnancy – In The Words Of Others

When dealing with something as life-changing and emotional as an unexpected pregnancy, it’s important to take a moment, step back and just breathe. No one should ever be forced quickly into a decision that could have lasting impact on their lives forever.

Rather than sharing our own words here at Advice & Aid, we thought it might be helpful if you find yourself with this unexpected pregnancy to hear from others – men and women like you who have found answers and hope with us, volunteers and workers who have been in your shoes and are now there to provide help to you, even people who have donated to our work sharing why they gave money and resources to help women they have never met. We hope you find comfort in these words. They are shared specifically for your benefit.

Advice & Aid intern:
“Day after day I watched women in countless situations come through the Advice & Aid doors and into the arms of a loving team of staff and volunteers. I saw lives transformed from the relentless love of these women at Advice & Aid, fueled by a mission and by fiercely loving hearts. I learned so much about caring for people and was even empowered in my own life. No matter which volunteer spoke with a client, I was at peace that that woman would be taken care of and that she was in a truly safe place.”

Advice & Aid client (female):
“Advice & Aid immediately got me involved in various programs they offer (similar to classes) where I began to receive information that would prove to be incredibly valuable to me. Between the topics covered and the amazing speakers they have, I was able to learn much and put to use what I was learning right away. Advice & Aid has been so good to my twins and me. In addition to all the help they gave me, they also connected me with a local church that would be able to help me in other ways as well. Many of the people I met at Advice & Aid I now consider my friends.

Advice & Aid client (male):
“Advice and Aid has helped our family tremendously.  They have offered us classes in financing, parenting tips, and may other topics.  Also they have a great men’s group that meets for fathers.  A good time to talk about anything you have on your chest.  Also the men have been given resources to help in the challenges we face as fathers. A great group.  I’ve really enjoyed being a part.  Thanks Advice and Aid for all you do!”

Male Volunteer at Advice & Aid (working with other men):
“The most rewarding part of helping the young families in our program is that they are all trying hard and they are so grateful for our time together. The guys are appreciative of the time we spend with them on Tuesday or Thursday nights. They can hardly believe that someone is willing to give their time to talk with them about the challenges in raising a family. For many of the guys I spoke with, they hadn’t seen much giving from the men in their lives growing up, so they didn’t know what to think at first when somebody offered to help them. Now they know that (Advice & Aid) volunteers are there to love and serve them.”

Advice & Aid volunteer:
“I ultimately chose to carry my pregnancy. I wish that I would have listened to my friend and gone to a pregnancy resource center like Advice & Aid. In my darkest hours, I needed someone to talk to, that would be supportive and listen to me without judgment. It was too much for me to handle going through it alone. I shouldn’t have ignored that feeling in my heart that I would have been cared for and listened to there. My pride and shame got in my way. Since those dark days, I have connected with Advice & Aid. It has proven over and over to be a safe, caring place where I can share with women who are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and offer them hope – the same hope that I was too afraid to receive when I was in the same situation.”

Advice & Aid donor:
When donating to charities, I always wondered, ‘where exactly does my money go, will it be well spent‘?  As a donor and a volunteer at Advice and Aid, I have a glimpse into the daily operational activities and know that not only is the money well spent, but that money is being well cared for by stalwart stewards dedicated to God’s love and vision of Advice and Aid.  It is such a privilege to be associated with this organization!”

So, the unexpected has happened, and you don’t quite know what your next step should be. You may be considering abortion, you may not. Either way, it’s important that you get all of the facts so that you can make the right decision . . . both for yourself now, and yourself future!

All it takes is one little click. Make an appointment to come see us. You don’t even have to talk to anybody right now – just click and pick a time. When you come, you will be met with warm, friendly people who are simply there to help during this time. No pressure. No agenda. Just honest answers and real help.

Want to know exactly what to expect during your first visit? This video should help relieve some of that anxiety.

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