Adoption: A Two Families Meeting Each Other's Needs

Adoption: Two Families Meeting Each Other’s Needs

The following was shared by one of our staff here at Advice & Aid. We hear many different stories as we talk with women in various stages of pregnancy. Those who choose adoption for their baby are often choosing the most loving, selfless gift imaginable. They are literally gifting another couple with a life. And for those couples desperately seeking a new addition to their family, this gift is simply beyond words. On the rare occasions when we get to see this come together, our hearts are filled with gratitude for all involved!

We all have dreams. One common dream is of growing up, getting married and having a family. Yet, we discover that life does not always follow that path.

Recently one of our clients discovered that she was facing an unplanned pregnancy.  She was filled with anxiety. She did not believe that abortion was the answer. So when she came to Advice and Aid, adoption was on her mind from the very first visit.

Nonetheless, she attended our Journeys program and started learning about taking care of herself and being a good mom. However, at the same time, she continued to ask questions about adoption. As I got to know her more each week, I began to see her heart. She loved her baby so much. She asked questions that told me how much she was struggling with her decision.

And all this time, God was working; both in our client and in another family.

And as the details of life are so beautifully designed, this other couple was praying for a child. Because adoptive families are connected to our clients through outside adoption agencies, we often don’t know much about them. But we do know how deeply couples desire to be parents, and how they pray for those babies.

Our client was praying for a couple. That couple was praying for a baby. It was all being worked out, behind the scenes of what we could see. Our client had a baby boy and placed him with that couple who had prayed for a miracle. What a beautiful confluence.

While Advice & Aid does not handle adoptions personally, we do partner with a number of licensed, fully trusted adoption agencies in our area. We can help you walk through the entire process with one of these recommended agencies so that you are not alone.

Start here – no judgment, no pressure at all. Just someone to talk to who has some truly helpful answers. Someone who wants what’s best for you!

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