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The Difference One Appointment Can Make

These thoughts were shared with us by one of the women who sits at our front desk. As she is the first face many see in stressful times here, her caring personality and calm demeanor helps set the tone for an appointment filled with answers.

In my role here at Advice & Aid Pregnancy Center, I see clients as they first come in the door.  I work at the front desk helping people fill out paperwork and answering phone calls. I have even been requested to set up a date for someone! I often see people that are nervous or overwhelmed or seem to have so many things they are carrying emotionally. I wish I could explain the difference that I see before an appointment and after an appointment.  I see them at both crossroads.  When someone is facing an unplanned pregnancy, it is very important to not go through it alone.

 After their appointment, the clients I see look relieved.  They are relieved for many reasons, but I think it is because they know someone else wants the very best for them and for their baby and family.  They feel empowered that they are capable to handle hard things with the right support and education.  They feel confident that difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.  Our hope here is that each woman feels valued and heard and encouraged as she leaves our clinic.  From my vantage point, I see that happening every day.

So what exactly can you find at Advice & Aid during this appointment?
According to the Charlotte Lozier Institute, pregnancy centers like Advice & Aid “Provide essential and professional care to vulnerable women and youth on a free or low-cost basis . . .” Here, all of our services are always free. The Institute goes on to say, “By providing practical assistance and links to needed resources, pregnancy centers improve health outcomes for women and promote health and well-being for themselves, their children, and their families.”

Every year, centers like ours serve over 2 million women nationwide. Additionally, services and material assistance – just like our no-cost model – totals over $250 million across the United States in no-cost, quality care. (To read more: visit the Charlotte Lozier Institute Fact Sheet)


Our commitment to you
Here at Advice & Aid, we have a very thorough Commitment of Care and Competence, that you can read here. Advice & Aid Pregnancy Centers helps women and their families make an educated decision about an unplanned pregnancy. We do this by providing evidence-based, medical information about parenting, adoption and abortion. In many cases, an unplanned pregnancy is a very stressful situation.


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