“I’m Pregnant...Can I Do This Alone?”

“I’m Pregnant…Can I Do This Alone?”

You didn’t get pregnant on your own, but things change…for lots of reasons, some beyond your control. Feeling alone is scary and can cause you to panic. If you’re alone now and wondering what to do, there are some important steps you should follow to move yourself from panic mode into decision mode.

Panic Mode

  • Slow down. Finding yourself alone while facing a stressful situation is scary! The panic you feel is understandable, but panic isn’t the best mental state for making life-altering decisions.
  • Tell someone. Look to the people around you for support: family, neighbors, church, community organizations. Telling just one other supportive person can give you a different perspective. You will need support no matter what you decide, so telling someone who loves you and whose opinion you respect is important.
  • Contact Advice & Aid. Call (913) 962-0200 or walk into our clinic at 10901 Granada Ln. in Overland Park. We’ll help you, at absolutely no cost to you, get started on the next phase: Information Gathering.

Information Gathering Mode

  • Get a medical-grade pregnancy test. Not all tests are created equal and there’s no substitute for a quality test read by a medical professional.
  • Get a limited ultrasound. This will provide important information that will tell you if your pregnancy is progressing normally. You have a right to see the ultrasound yourself.
  • Get details about all 3 of your options. Information about cost, long and short-term physical/emotional consequences, recovery, and available resources is vital to making a decision you can live with.

Decision Mode

  • Calmly evaluate all the information. Now that your emotional temperature has come down and you’ve gathered information, look at the pros and cons of your 3 choices and weigh them according to the impact they’ll have on your physical and emotional health.
  • Assemble a support system. This should be someone who loves you, whom you trust, and who is not in panic mode.
  • Consider the future. You may not have the support of a partner right now, but someday you might. What experiences will you bring to that relationship? Will those experiences help it or harm it? If you plan to have other children, how will your decisions today impact that future mother/child relationship?

Make a Decision

Realize that all mothers, even those with partners, can feel alone when it comes to carrying and caring for their babies. Advice &Aid wants to walk with you as you make this decision. We will provide honest, non-judgmental answers at every step along the way. No matter what you decide, we can help.

While this may be a hard time, your first move shouldn’t be. Just click the button and schedule a time to come see us that works for you. We’ll be waiting.

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