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The following article is written by the Bridges program coordinator here at Advice & Aid.

Bridges is a two year parenting support group in which new parents can find practical, emotional, spiritual, social and intellectual help as they enter the parenting journey. The author of this article gets to experience every day the joys and frustrations, ups and downs, wins and losses of the new parents she supports.

But most of all, she walks with them every step of the way – so that they never have to feel alone!

I just love my job!

 I was hired last July 2018, and have loved being part of the Bridges Team and getting to know our clients as well as our team of wonderful Client Relations Coordinators!

Each week, I am able to observe some pretty special interactions between the clients and our team – it is amazing to see the love, care and concern that Client Coordinators show to our clients as well as each client reaching out to other clients!

Since July, I have come to know quite a few wonderful young moms and dads through our parenting support classes.  As they come to class each week, it is delightful to see each face and each baby and/or toddler in our program.  And, it is even more delightful to watch their children grow and how they each grow as moms and dads.  Wow!  What fun that is to see and hold those babies each week!!!  We are blessed.

Each client brings their own special story.  Some have needs we can meet emotionally, some need confidence, some need assurance, some need material aid each week, and some excel to help other clients in the class – it is fantastic to watch!!!

Watching a Client Absolutely Blossom!

One client in particular struggled immensely at first with a lack of confidence.  She dealt regularly with panic attacks and anxiety.  To watch her grow in her confidence has been amazing.  She even willingly participated in one of our events and did exceptionally well, despite fighting her anxiety. One of our other clients even helped step in and reassure her in that anxiety. It was amazing to watch, and now these two young women have come to depend on each other. Their friendship grows each week as they are experiencing life together.

This same client has had some pretty rough times in her upbringing and is estranged from her biological family.  However, the father-of-the-baby’s family has embraced her completely – they help provide for her needs on a weekly basis and have given this client and her daughter a place to live!  She inherited “grandparents and parents” who love her dearly.  Each week you can see her confidence increase and she knows she is loved!

In addition, this client is going to JCCC, too. Her daughter’s great grandparents bought her a computer for Christmas and a family friend gave her a car, allowing her to get to class each week. What a difference a few months and some tender loving care have made with her!  She participates in our class now and recently, there came a very special day in class in which she seemed to transform in front of us!   One of our support teachers offered a class on Relationships and she was actively engaged in the conversation.  She asked great questions and even got other clients talking. It was a beautiful thing to watch her transform and display her newfound confidence!

Each Person Growing

To say I love my job only hits the tip of the proverbial iceberg! And, to say that this center does amazing things is too small of a description for what happens every day at Advice and Aid. 

Our clients grow in strength. 
They grow in knowledge. 
They grow in skill. 
They grow in patience. 
They grow in endurance.
They grow in wisdom. 
They grow in compassion for one another.

Every day here, grace abounds.  

And, lives are truly transformed.  It is amazing!!!

For more information about our Bridges program, please contact us at 913-962-0200. By calling, you are not committing yourself to come – you will be simply speaking to someone who can begin to give you the information you need.

The help you are looking for could be closer than you think!

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