Spring Break’s Over – Are You Left With An Unexpected Surprise?

Spring Break’s Over – Are You Left With An Unexpected Surprise?

Spring Break – that well deserved time off from school, when the temps change and you head out for some fun!

This is pretty much the best thing to happen during the entire Spring Semester. It gives you a whole week to hang out with your friends. This is the chance to catch up with people you haven’t seen in awhile. Often, it’s the chance to spend a whole, uninterrupted week with your boyfriend (or maybe even get a new boyfriend).

And whether your boyfriend is in school with you, or he’s been away at college and is back for Spring Break, you can actually spend some quality time with him. Spring Break allows the two of you – for one week – to feel unburdened. No classes. No schedule. No homework. Just fun together. And if you had the chance to get away with him to the beach, it was a week of fun in the sun.

But now that you are back, maybe you are starting to worry that the week spent with your boyfriend was just a little too much “fun.” Maybe for the first time, you went further with him than ever before. And now, you are worried that there might be an extra “surprise” to deal with.

Pregnancy … During Spring Break, it was probably the last thing on your mind. But now you can’t stop thinking about it.
“Am I pregnant?”
“The unusual way I’m feeling these days, could that be pregnancy?”
“Is my period ever going to start?”

You are doing your best to wrap your mind around this fact . . .
You might be pregnant!

And let’s face it. Home pregnancy tests can be completely hard to rely on. Either they show such a faint line that you aren’t sure if it’s really there. Or you worry that you didn’t do it right and the results aren’t accurate.

That’s where we come in. We are Advice & Aid Pregnancy Centers. Our whole reason for being here is to help you figure this all out – beginning with a free pregnancy test. You won’t have to be alone. You can have someone with you when you find out for sure. This way, you can talk it through with someone who understands. We offer all kinds of services for you that will truly help you sort out your options.

And maybe the thought of picking up the phone and calling us is just too much right now. That’s ok. All you have to do is click on the button below and you can schedule an appointment through our website without having to talk to anyone today. You can choose from either Overland Park or Shawnee – a place that is close to you.

You can put the unknown behind you and
start to take control of your future right away!

Need help tracking all of the important “dates” that a girl needs to know about? Check out the Advice & Aid app. Here, you can keep track of your period, along with finding valuable information that you need to know.

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