A Young Professional’s Story – Why I Became Passionate About This Cause

A Young Professional’s Story – Why I Became Passionate About This Cause

This story was shared with us by a member of our Young Professionals – a new branch of Advice & Aid that gives those starting out in their professional life (ages 18-35) who are passionate about the sanctity of human life a way to connect and engage with others who share their passion.

The Story of the Importance of Accountability – and What it Can Lead To

Two months ago, I bought a desk from IKEA, and have somehow managed to avoid assembling the desk ever since. Thus, instead of enjoying a solid addition to my apartment during this time – i.e. a new workspace, storage capacity, etc. – I have returned home each day to the sight of the desk’s cardboard box packaging propped sturdily against my bedroom wall. Truly home décor at its finest.

All jokes aside, the predicament in which I found myself was an impressive exercise in procrastination. And it was not until I shared with a friend this past weekend the internal disappointment I was feeling toward my avoidance of the desk’s assembly that I suddenly found the motivation to open the box and begin piecing together the parts therein.

In our short conversation, my friend Mike listened to my self-deprecating excuses and instantly became a source of accountability for me. I had — although mostly jokingly — opened up to him about my frustration. And through that opening up, I felt encouraged to attempt the challenging task which I had been avoiding for far too long.

In the hours that followed my conversation with Mike, I assembled the desk (finally!), carefully arranging the provided parts in the order that the instruction booklet prescribed. I was attentive to detail, and admired the way by which the smallest pieces included within the box contributed importantly to the eventual structural integrity of the desk that now stands upright in my apartment.

Our Call to Do Great & Challenging Things

In the simplest of ways, I think that this IKEA-related sequence of events serves as a fitting representation of the beauty of life, the importance of accountability, and our ability to do great and challenging things. Further, I think that together, these values combine to highlight much of what the pro-life cause stands for. And as a new supporter of this organization, I also recognize the ways in which Advice & Aid accomplishes its life-affirming mission through the pursuit of similar ideals.

Personally, I am pro-life because I firmly believe in the inherent sanctity and value of all human life, regardless of ability, disability, wanted-ness, or unwanted-ness. I am pro-life because the issue of abortion concerns the greatest social injustice of my generation; and I am pro-life because every life, every family, every mother, and every father is worth fighting for.

Of course, this “fight” that we speak of – and the work in which Advice and Aid engages – is inherently difficult. Much like the desk was for me, Advice &Aid’s work can be challenging and stressful; it can require the teamwork of multiple parties, accountability, listening, sharing, and speaking up. At its core, however, our organization’s mission is about community, relationships, family, and recognition of the gift of human life – even in the messiest of circumstances.

Advice & Aid Young Professionals . . . The Way to Truly Make a Difference

But as difficult as these pursuits may sound, the more I have come to understand the programs, outreach, and life-centric initiatives which Advice &Aid facilitates, the more I have become interested in getting (and staying) involved at the Pregnancy Center. These realizations are what primarily led to my joining the Advice & Aid Young Professionals Committee a few months ago, and I could not be more excited to continue connecting with others and supporting families experiencing crisis pregnancies through this organization’s incredibly loving, important, and (thankfully) non-furniture assembly related work.

Are you passionate about the cause of helping men, women and unborn children getting the help and support they so desperately need for a shot at life?

Are you a young professional, looking for a way to connect with other like-minded people and truly make a difference with your efforts in the lives of others?

You need to check out Advice & Aid’s Young Professionals! In fact, we have an upcoming event that you need to be a part of – Our Young Professionals Chiefs Events, held September 24, at Arrowhead, where we will be hearing from Lamar Hunt. For more information on this event, go to our Chief’s Young Professionals Event page!

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