What Does A Visit to Advice & Aid Look Like?

Walking through the front doors of Advice & Aid Pregnancy Center, you enter the inviting and peaceful lobby. A Client Advocate warmly greets you at the front window, asking if you have an appointment. You tell her yes, and give your name. She gives you some paperwork to fill out as well as a copy of our privacy practices. You go ahead and find a comfortable seat and begin the paperwork process, which take just a few short minutes. You return your completed paperwork to the reception window and the Client Advocate thanks you, telling you that they’ll be with you in just a few minutes.

The door opens, and your Client Advocate appears. She smiles, introduces herself, and explains that she will be the one meeting with you today. Walking down the hallway, you see several counseling rooms that are all bright and welcoming. You walk in to one of these rooms and have a seat on the couch. Your Client Advocate says that there are some questions to go over first before conducting a pregnancy test. She then goes through your completed paperwork, taking the time to get to know you. She also addresses any concerns or questions you may have at that time. Throughout this conversation, you begin to feel more safe and secure. You find that your Client Advocate cares for you as an individual, and that you have value and worth here. After going through your paperwork, the pregnancy test is performed by your Client Advocate. It’s a medical grade pregnancy test, and the results take just 3 minutes. You sit quietly, processing what the result may be and knowing very well that the result be life changing. The timer beeps, and the results are read. Two lines means the test is positive, one line means negative.

Your Client Advocates asks how you’re feeling about the results. You have an opportunity to discuss whatever is on your mind, and know you’ll be listened to without judgement. Your Client Advocate offers you resources and referrals that are applicable to you, and if the test is positive, explains the possibility of scheduling an ultrasound. You are also given information on the Journeys class we offer. You walk out with the information on parenting, adoption and abortion that you need to make an informed and educated decision about this choice in your life.

If you are interested in visiting one of our offices, we want you to know that a visit with us looks very much like what is described above. It is comforting, peaceful and in no way judgmental. This is a safe place for you to consider all aspects of your unplanned pregnancy.

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