The morning after pill (sometimes referred to as “Plan B” or “Emergency Contraception“) is intended to be taken within 72 hours of unprotected sex to prevent implantation of a possible fertilized egg. It will not be effective if you are already pregnant.

Before taking, there are many factors to consider:
-Does it work?
-What are the risks?
-How will it affect me?
-What if I am already pregnant?
-Am I at risk for sexually transmitted diseases (STD)?
-What if I have taken it before or need it again?

If you have missed your 72 hour window, or are simply unsure of what this pill does once inside your body, you really need someone who is knowledgeable to talk to. We promise: no agenda, no judgment. We simply give you medically-based facts about the morning after pill and the decision is yours to make.

The important thing for you is that you have all of the information you need prior to making any decisions. Knowledge helps put you in control. Once you have the medical facts on the morning after pill, then you are taking back control of your life and your future!

One of our medical staff has written a blog about the Morning After Pill (Plan B) and how it works. Before you make a decision, you should have all the facts. Read here:


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