I Feel Scared

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Scared. . .

That’s all I knew at that moment.

I wished I could just be numb.  But all I knew was that I felt scared.

My hands wouldn’t stop shaking and I couldn’t seem to focus on anything.  I knew I needed some help.  Obviously, this was one thing that I wasn’t going to be able to take care of by myself.

Once my mind cleared enough for me to think, I knew that I needed to do a little research.  There had to be options out there – I just needed to figure out what was best.

I landed on the Advice & Aid Pregnancy Centers site.  There, I learned a few things that I didn’t know (who knew there were so many different types of abortion?).

I also learned that they had knowledge of ALL of my options.  After one phone call to them (and I’ll admit, I felt scared making that first call), I felt at ease.

There was someone who understood exactly what I was going through.  My Client Advocate was there for me, listening without judgment through that entire first meeting.

Was it hard to step into their offices?  You bet.  But I had to do something.  This wasn’t something I could just ignore and it would go away.  I had some tough decisions to make.  But I wasn’t going to have to do it alone.

And you know what, I wasn’t scared anymore.

If you have recently discovered that you are pregnant, and are feeling scared, contact us.  We know how you feel.  Plus, we know that having a friend can make this a lot less scary.

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