How to Plan for a Stress-Free Spring Break (without any of the unwanted!)

How to Plan for a Stress-Free Spring Break (without any of the unwanted!)

From gray clouds to open skies

After stress of finals, classes, due dates, and assignments, spring break is a much-needed getaway from reality and our everyday lives. Stretching out poolside or taking a trip to the beach lets us recharge and take a hiatus. No matter how you spend your spring break, it’s a fun, memory-filled week. While it can be the experience of a lifetime, spring break can also be the breeding ground of reckless behavior that may change your life in a way you weren’t looking for. For many, spring break is an opportunity to let loose with a whole lot of alcohol and a whole lot of sex. While it sounds really fun, it’s actually a scenario that can produce sexually transmitted infections, sexual assault, and unwanted pregnancies.

Saying no to the “norm” (and having fun while doing it!)

We want memories to be the only thing you’re bringing back home. It may seem like everybody is having casual sex, but if you are not comfortable with the idea or don’t want to have any worries about STIs or pregnancy…it is okay to say no to sex. Alcohol can hinder your decision-making skills, especially regarding sex. “Beer goggles” can make you see someone as very attractive, when your sober self doesn’t think so. They also make it easier to forget about long term consequences of casual hook-ups.

So, what would a sex-free spring break look like?
A stress-free Spring Break!

If you simply decide not to engage in casual hook-ups, you will have absolutely no worries about STIs and unwanted pregnancies. Imagine a vacation where you don’t have to stress about emotional uncertainties, condoms, Plan B, getting pregnant, getting an STI, awkward encounters, etc. It allows you to enjoy the sun without any other consequences. And isn’t the point of spring break to relax? It’s best to keep yourself safe to have the best time possible.

Tips for a safe and fun week

While there are always potential risks, you can still ensure you have a great time on your trip by just simply having a game plan before diving in. Creating a strategy ahead of time can ensure you avoid any dangerous situations. How will everyone look out for each other? What to do if someone gets hurt? Deciding these things prior to the trip will make it easier to make smart and safe decisions later on.

Make sure you travel as a pack and stay together! Always be on the lookout for predatory behavior, your friends’ body language, date rape drugs – and always trust your instincts. If a situation is making you feel uncomfortable or in danger, tell your friends and get out of the situation.

Spring break is a lot of people’s favorite memory. Keeping yourself safe is the easiest way to make sure you have the most fun and keep it your favorite memory too!

Always remember that you can call us here at Advice and Aid if your spring break didn’t go quite as planned. If you’re in need of STD testing, pregnancy testing/counseling, or even just someone to talk to, make an appointment . . . or even just stop by (walk-ins are always welcome!).

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