Help for the Unplanned Pregnancy: YOU can be the answer!

Mission Statement
Advice and Aid exists to encourage women and families facing an unplanned pregnancy to choose life by serving them before, during, and after with Christ-like compassion.

Who We Are

Board of Directors:
Debbie Tann / President
Ray Jarett / Vice President
Gwyn Heidrick / Secretary
Sherry Brinkley / Treasurer
Dr. Bruce Snider / Board Member
Gwyn Heidrick / Board Member
Lance Kinzer / Board Member
Laura Jeffries / Board Member
Marianne Morgan / Board Member
Jamie Carlson / Board Member
Jay Breeden / Board Member
Ken King/Board Member
Curt Creason/Board Member
Mike Czinege/Board Member
Jack Varela/Board Member

Executive Director:
Ruth Tisdale

Medical Director:
Brendan B. Mitchell, M.D.

Medical Advisory Group:
Brendan Mitchell, MD, OB/GYN
L Mark Johnson, MD, MPH/TM, FAAFP, FACPM
Bruce Snider, MD, OB/GYN
Kelli Craven, DM
Charles W. Horner, MD

Abraham Rafie, MD
Spencer Kerley, MD
Doug Rivard, DO
Elise Loughman, Pediatrics Resident
Katie Pope, RN/BSN
Cynthia Jacobsen, RN/BSN
Andrea Cartwright, RN
Lindsey Davis, RN/BSN
Susan Huseman, RN/MSN
Jeanette Miller, RN/BSN
Ashley Rafie, RN/BSN
Ruth Tisdale, Executive Director
Denise Rittinghouse, Director of Client Services
Dana Rieck, Medical Records Manager
Regina Singleton, LMSW

There Are Many Ways to Donate.