Sex-Free Dating

Why You Should Choose to Sex-Free Date

Music, movies, television shows, podcasts…almost all of our entertainment and media intake is littered with normalizing sex. Whether it’s sex while dating, casual sex with friends, or a one-night stand, we are consistently surrounded by the idea that sex before marriage is good and fun. So many of these entertainment platforms are targeted toward young people, so while our brains are still developing, we’re given the idea that sex before marriage is a good time and has no consequences.

Part of the message we hear is correct – sex is good and it is fun. But, it’s also emotional and complicated. “Hook-up culture” is extremely prevalent in today’s society and deems the idea of waiting until marriage as lame and boring. In reality, there are many benefits to having a sex-free relationship!


If you and your partner are establishing a relationship without sex, it builds a solid and trustworthy foundation with that person. The base of a long and healthy relationship is a friendship, and when sex is out of the picture, it’s easier to focus on what specifically you like about that person. Sexless dating allows you to build your friendship with that person, without any distractions. If sex is included in your relationship, you can simply resort to the bedroom instead of working through problems, having intimate conversation, or realizing what makes you compatible aside from physical attraction.

Less Stress!

Sex while you’re dating somebody can bring a great amount of unnecessary stress into the relationship. When you bring sex into the relationship before marriage, additional worries of unwanted pregnancies, STIs, breakups, and more are also brought into the relationship. If you wait until marriage, you don’t need to worry about any sex-related problems and can simply enjoy each other and the relationship you have.

Clear Mindedness

While it isn’t perceived as a drug, sex can sure feel like it. When people have sex, a hormone known as oxytocin is released. Oxytocin is associated with good moods, pleasure, and reward. As a result, you feel more attached to your partner. This is why many couples feel closer to one another after having sex, which is great for married couples, but can get a little more complicated if you’re still only dating. The problem with creating this level of physical intimacy with your partner before marriage is that it can cloud your vision and judgment. You may feel in love, but it could be an overload of oxytocin, which ebbs and flows. If your relationship is charged by your lust for one another, then you may overlook problematic signs, or the fact that you don’t like the person as much as you thought you did. Abstaining from sex while you’re dating allows you to think clearly and make better judgment about the relationship, which will help you remember why you fell in love with your partner to begin with, and what makes them so special to you.

Sex is simply worth waiting for.

Many married couples today say they wish they had waited until their honeymoon to have sex for the first time. Sex is a precious gift, and treating it as such can bring an unmatched joy into your relationship after you’re married. So yes, it’s worth the wait!

We get it. Sex-free dating isn’t exactly popular . . . or fun. But there are some amazing benefits of waiting that can far outweigh the momentary pleasure of sex while dating.

Want to talk it out? Need some further convincing? Maybe looking for a friend that can help you stay strong to your commitment to sex-free dating? We can fill any of these shoes.

And if you have had sex while dating in the past – even once – you really should be tested for STD. It’s no joke, and can cause a world of pain down the road. It’s best to know now so you can deal with it.

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