An Unplanned Pregnancy in an Abusive Relationship

Unplanned Pregnancy in an Abusive Relationship – Getting Help

Do you find yourself with an unplanned pregnancy and in an abusive relationship? Does the world seem out of control to you? You are probably searching for answers to the scary unknown of now being faced with a pregnancy while existing in an unstable environment.

Being in an abusive relationship can make your decision about an unplanned pregnancy even harder.  Unplanned pregnancies in violent relationships can lead to the feelings of a crisis. Women can feel they have lost control and power over their situations.  However, one somewhat bright spot in this bleak situation is that research has shown that it is during this crisis of an unplanned pregnancy that women often begin to regain power and control.

The following story was shared by a woman; a woman that may be a lot like you. (Names in this story have been changed)

Jazmine was unsure about keeping the pregnancy because of her current relationship.  She felt as though an abortion would be the best decision for her. Jazmine and Luke were fun and exciting in public, but in private he was controlling and abusive.  He kept her from her friends and family as a way of controlling her. This abuse would at times turn into physical harm.  Jazmine knew the fear that she experienced and did not want to bring a baby into the same situation.  Jazmine contacted her family and let them know about the abuse and they encouraged her to see a life without Luke and offered the support that she needed to continue her pregnancy.  With the help of domestic violence services, Jazmine worked out a way she felt she could leave the relationship safely and decided to put into place a new life for her and her unborn child.

If you find yourself in an unexpected pregnancy and are dealing with the brokenness of an abusive relationship, please call us.  We can help you process your choices in a safe place and refer you to other agencies that specialize with abusive relationships.  We will also make an appointment for you to see one of our OB Doctors to discuss your health and prenatal care when you are ready.

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