Unexpected Pregnant: Wondering What Your Next Step Should Be

Unexpected Pregnant: Wondering What Your Next Step Should Be

So, you’ve taken a home pregnancy test, and it was either positive, or you can’t quite make out the results. You might have even taken three or four of them, trying to decide if you are truly pregnant.

So, what should you do next? We strongly suggest that you go someplace that will help you confirm this possible pregnancy. And it needs to be a place that truly knows what they are doing.

Getting a Medical Grade Pregnancy Test
Regardless of what your home test showed, when you come to Advice and Aid, we will perform a medical grade pregnancy test to verify that you are pregnant. A pregnancy test measures the level of hCG in your system, a hormone that is elevated during pregnancy.  

Going One Step Further with an Ultrasound
But we go even one step further with our testing. To truly confirm a pregnancy, you will need an ultrasound.  We provide limited OB ultrasounds performed by trained nurses or sonographers.  A limited ultrasound includes verifying that the pregnancy is in the uterus, measuring the baby to confirm dates, and listening to the heartbeat of your baby.  These are all the things you need to know to confirm a pregnancy before you make any decisions.

What is the Cost to You?
All of this is free of charge to you at Advice and Aid! 
There are no hidden costs or fees, and we will walk with you through your decision – no matter what that decision is (we even offer Post-Abortion Assessment & Counseling). We also offer parenting training, peer-counseling, support groups, and physical items (such as diapers and baby clothing). Again, all at no cost to you. Ever.

Whether your pregnancy was planned or not, we are here to help you along the way.  It’s as easy as clicking the Book an Appointment button and setting up a time that works best for you to come in for a pregnancy test.

No pressure. No agenda. No judgement. Just honest answers . . . and maybe true help and real choices for you!  

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