Think You Wont Get Pregnant - Think Again

Think You Won’t Get Pregnant? Think Again!

“I didn’t think I could get pregnant…Until I got Pregnant” 

I’m a nurse at a pregnancy center and I have lost count of how many women have said this to me! These women had not been told by a doctor that they were infertile, they had just been having unprotected sex without getting pregnant for so long, that they figured they couldn’t get pregnant. Unexpected pregnancy was a tough way to find out they were wrong about that!

When I was in nursing school studying how pregnancy happens, I remember thinking, “There are so many factors that have to work out perfectly to make a baby, it’s hard to believe anyone gets pregnant!”

Even so, over 200 million women get pregnant every year, worldwide, and about 40% of those pregnancies are not planned!

Most of the women who come to our clinic with unplanned pregnancies were not using any form of birth control…but lots of them were using birth control and still became pregnant.

That’s because no form of birth control has a 100% success rate.

Here’s the truth: anytime you have sex, you could become pregnant. Assuming you can’t get pregnant simply because you haven’t so far is not a good plan. 

Advice & Aid Pregnancy Center is a pregnancy center in Overland Park. We give you hope by offering you options, education, long-term assistance, and services . . . to make a life-changing decision.

Here, you can get fact-based information about parenting, adoption, and abortion, in a caring, non-judgmental environment. We know that in many cases, an unexpected pregnancy is a very stressful situation, and we exist to offer help, hope, and aid.

We always have licensed, practicing nurses on-site to meet with you, give you valuable medical information, and help you think through your next steps from a medical perspective. You will also have access to your very own client advocate, who is there to support you and help you work through all of the questions you have. We also have a licensed social worker here who is available to help with additional needs. And if you want to bring your partner, we have a male client advocate who can spend time with him, answering any of his questions as well.

We care about you, not just about the situation you find yourself in . . . but about YOU. So if you find yourself pregnant when you didn’t think you would be, start with us. It’s always free. It’s always helpful. It’s never judgmental. It’s an easy first step to take.

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