The Unexpected . . . Becoming a Grandma Despite My Carefully Laid-Out Plans

This story is short, but has a sweet ending.

When an unplanned pregnancy happens, it doesn’t simply affect the mom and dad. Parents who are unexpectedly looking at becoming grandparents often have to deal with thoughts, emotions and plans that they feel unprepared for.

This is the short story of one such lady who had to process this new reality for her life. Here, she shares the thoughts she struggled with, and the resolution she arrived at.

If you find yourself dealing with the unplanned for your family, we hope that you find encouragement in her story!

As a mom I had plans for my children – and the order went something like this:
go to college, get a job, get married and then have our grandbabies!

And it almost happened that way!

However, 4 months before my youngest graduated college and got married, they came to us to tell us we were going to be grandparents.  I had such mixed emotions at that point – joy, worry, shame.  I was so excited to think I would be a Grandma . . . but at the same time my pride was saying things like,

“What will everyone say and think?”
“Will they judge us?” 
“They aren’t married, they haven’t’ finished school, they don’t have jobs!”

Then a sweet friend of mine reminded me that this baby is our grandchild and when that baby arrives no one will remember anything else except what a blessing and joy they are! 

And that is when I decided to embrace the joy of being a grandparent no matter what the circumstances were how that happened – I am going to be a grandma and this grandbaby is the beginning of our growing family!

Did you know that Advice & Aid isn’t there solely for the mom facing an unplanned pregnancy? We offer help for dads . . . and even grandparents as they process this new change to their plans.

Need someone to talk to that can offer some encouragement? We’re here. Just schedule an appointment and we would be glad to spend some time working through the emotions of the unplanned. You just might leave excitedly looking forward to your future!

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