The Strong Woman and the Power of NO

The Strong Woman and the Power of NO

Social media, the entertainment industry, and even friends can lead you to believe that sex in short-term relationships is the right of a liberated female population.

Here at Advice and Aid, we are all about empowering women. We are even run by some very strong and empowered women. We are also all for speaking honesty into your life and telling you the truth about where short-term sexual relationships can leave you.

The truth is, sex without a long-term commitment (like marriage) will always leave you vulnerable. Vulnerable to STI’s, vulnerable to an unplanned pregnancy, but also vulnerable to lowered self-value.

No matter how much our culture normalizes sex, it will always be an act of intimacy. Even in casual relationships, it forces you to open yourself up to the other person and surrender yourself to them. While many women enjoy the short-term pleasures of sex, this intimacy can leave you feeling lonely when it is over and your partner doesn’t stick around.

Sex won’t make your date stay with you. Sex is not an act that means he loves you. It can only be an act of affection after the love (and commitment that demonstrates true love) has already been formed.

You have the power to say no to your date’s sexual advances.

You have the power to choose to love yourself and value yourself.

You do not need a man to tell you your value or worth.

You were made unique and special, no one will ever be the same as you.


And until a man not only tells you he believes these things about you, but commits to you with more then just words, he doesn’t deserve to be with you in an intimate way.

The harsh truth is, if your date decides he doesn’t want to stick around because you won’t have sex with him, he surely won’t be sticking around when you go through an STI diagnosis or an unplanned pregnancy.

Value yourself for the special women you are.
Wait for the right partner who will see your worth. Sex within in a committed long-term relationship has the power to make you feel loved and completed, instead of empty and abandoned.

Choose now to pursue this kind of soul-fulfilling path.

Look, we totally get it. The pressures you feel today are unreal. Sex is everywhere we look, and saying “NO” of any kind isn’t exactly valued. But we see far more value in you than just your sexuality.

Sometimes, strong women lean on other strong women to help them stay strong. And that’s where we come in. Even if you are wrestling with this issue and just need to talk it through with someone, we are here.

Let our strong women help you, Strong Woman! We are on your side and fighting for you!

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