Riding Out The Storms . . . The Emotional Kind

The news these days is absolutely full of stories of storms. They are even named . . . Harvey, Irma, Jose. The damage, destruction and disruption they bring are devastating to the people in their path. Our hearts break for those who have lost so much. We give what help we can, but otherwise sit back, feeling somewhat helpless.

Physical storms of this magnitude are somewhat rare. But emotional storms brought on by circumstances and choices can invade our lives at any moment. And while their destruction isn’t near as visible on the outside, they can be absolutely overwhelming on the inside.

Keep reading as one of our long-time friends here shares the story of a physical storm she recently went through – and the similarities that storm had with many other, internal storms. Stay with it until the end – there is hope!

The dog kept pacing back and forth. I could hear the wind howling though all the doors were shut. The reflection of lightning flashed brightly on the window blinds. Then, all of a sudden, I began to hear a tap-tap-tap. The sound grew louder and louder and I realized it was hail. The weather man on tv was talking about other areas in the city that were under a tornado warning.

The entire day had been gloomy, windy and unseasonably warm. I understand that often those are just the conditions to watch out for. And then of course, the storm eventually hit.
Physical storms can be very scary. They manifest themselves in heavy rains, wind, hail, thunder, and lighting. While we are in these storms, they can easily intimidate us, making us feel like we have lost control.

Sound familiar? Perhaps you are facing a similar storm in your own life. Not a physical storm that is characterized by wind, rain and thunder, but something that can feel even more threatening: emotional storms brought on by life.

Circumstances come our way that seem to shake us like we have never been shaken before. People say things that ring in our ears like loud thunder. Even well-meaning people in our lives can sometimes push and pull us in directions that we aren’t sure we want to go. Regret and fear can pound through our thoughts with the strength of a mighty storm, drowning out all other thoughts. The life road ahead can get completely shrouded in clouds and uncertainty, leaving us unsteady on our feet; unsure of which direction to go.

But yet . . .

The physical storm that blew through the other night? When it had passed, and the thunder had subsided, the sun came out and the sky looked like someone wiped everything clean. The storm damage was still there, but a new day came, bright and sunny.

The same is true with life. We don’t stay in the storms. Sometimes, they seem like they will never end. But they always do. The calm returns, the sky turns blue, and the sun comes out.

To those who are in the storm right now, hang on, my friend. It won’t last forever. Don’t let yourself think that you will always be in the storm. Don’t make decisions during the storm that you would never make in the sunshine.

Because invariably . . . always . . . the sun will shine in your life again someday.

Do you find yourself in a storm right now – one that seems it will never end? Could you use a listening ear, some sound advice, and a friend who can help bring some calm to your storm?

That’s why we are here. Remember, making life-changing decisions in the middle of a storm is seldom a good idea. Talk to us. You just may start to see the sun peeking out from the clouds!

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