Learning that your going to have a baby when you weren’t planning it can be very shocking. There’s so much to think about and consider. You have a lot of choices to make and a limited amount of time to make them. That’s why we offer you Journeys Counseling.

You want the best for you and your child. You want the freedom to explore your options without the pressures that friends and family can sometimes impose. We’re here for you.

You’re smart. You just need to know what you don’t know. Journeys gives you the chance to ask questions and learn what it takes to raise a child or place for adoption. It’s all about giving you the information you need to be who you want to be.

It’s all about finding what’s right for you and your baby.

Your changing body

Our curriculum takes you through the changes your body is going through, addressing nutrition, smoking, exercise, and visits to the doctor for all three trimesters. You will also receive information about your developing baby!

Ready to parent?

Learn what it takes to be the parent that you want to be. Babies aren’t always sweet and cuddly. Our curriculum is designed to help you and the father of your baby  to identify areas to improve as you move toward the delivery of baby. It’s about being prepared.

Explore adoption

Every year thousands of children are placed in loving homes through an open adoption arrangement, allowing the birth parents to stay connected with their child, while pursuing the life goals they had planned before they became pregnant. Adoption can be a very loving option and we can help you look into it, without the pressure of making the decision final.

What to expect

  • Weekly appointments with a Client Advocate
  • The opportunity to discuss your thoughts and concerns
  • Video’s and worksheets on topics you care about
  • Homework assignments to supplement your learning experience
  • Rewards for your efforts

We also offer time with a Labor and Delivery specialist that will help you create a birth experience that will be good for you!

To register for our Journeys Pregnancy Education class, call 913-962-0200.

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