Post Delivery Care: A Necessity After A Birth, A Miscarriage, or An Abortion

The following article on Post Delivery Care was written by Dr. Bruce Snider, OB/GYN in the Kansas City area. Whether post-delivery encompasses a traditional birth, a miscarriage or an abortion, it is vital that you receive care under a qualified medical professional.

If you have had a normal delivery, it is important to be seen for follow-up for a postpartum exam. Traditionally the post delivery exam is done six weeks following the birth of your child.  Similarly, if you have suffered a miscarriage or have had an abortion, a follow-up appointment is important to evaluate your recovery and to discuss your future fertility.

As you’re probably aware, pregnancy affects almost all bodily functions, which is why It’s important to have an overall health check up following the delivery. Along with screening your blood pressure and weight it is important to confirm that your reproductive organs have returned to their normal pre-pregnancy state. Similarly, if you’ve suffered a miscarriage or have had an abortion, it is important to confirm that all of the pregnancy tissue has been removed from the uterus. Incomplete removal of the pregnancy from the uterus following a miscarriage or abortion can lead to serious bleeding complications and infection which could affect your future fertility.

Additionally, a good mental health evaluation should be performed at your post delivery follow-up visit. Postpartum depression is a frequent complication of an otherwise normal pregnancy and delivery.  This can sometimes be severe and require intensive treatment. Likewise, depression and anxiety disorders are common following a miscarriage or abortion. Avoiding treatment of these mental health disorders can have lifelong consequences.

If you – or someone you know – needs post delivery care (from either birth, miscarriage or abortion), but you don’t know where to go for that help, reach out to us. We can help you find a qualified medical professional that will meet your particular needs.

Your health, both now and in the future, could depend on you getting the right medical care. Let us help.

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