On Becoming a Grandparent – An Extension of Our Life and Influence

Pregnancy does not just affect the individual female and male involved – it also affects the parents of those individuals. Parents hold a unique position in the lives of their children, no matter how young or old that child is. One father/doctor offers a beautiful perspective of the special opportunity being a grandparent is.

This past March a very significant and joyful event happened in our family. My oldest daughter had a beautiful baby girl. I found out that this baby was coming by accident before I was supposed to know about it. I kept this knowledge a secret until my daughter announced her pregnancy to the family. This was difficult because I normally don’t keep significant secrets from my wife. It was interesting to be on the “other side” of this experience. I am involved in the birth of babies on a daily basis, but I never had an experience like this. Waiting in the family waiting room for my daughter to give birth was driving me crazy; I was so worried about her and the baby and worried they would have a complication. It gave me a greater empathy for the families of my patients. Even though I knew she was in good hands, the relief I felt when she finally delivered and I knew everyone was ok was immense. Seeing my granddaughter for the first time took me back 27 years to St John’s Medical Center when I witnessed the birth of my own daughter – my granddaughter is practically a clone of my daughter and it is difficult to distinguish between their baby pictures. Her smile and laugh is the same as my daughters was. She is truly a bundle of joy.

To me, having grandchildren is an extension of my own life. Our time on this earth is limited . . . but our descendants carry our lives forward when we are gone. Part of my father is in me and part of both he and I are in my daughter and granddaughter. I am happy that God created the world this way.

As grandparents I think it is important to share our values with our children and grandchildren. They live in a different world than we grew up in and our love and empathy mean so much to them.

I have always been perplexed when parents encourage their children to end a pregnancy.
To me, that would seem like destroying a part of myself.

I frequently meet patients that have never formed an opinion about abortion until they were facing it as an option – this is tragic! As grandparents, we should discuss these things with our descendants. Being a grandparent is a life changing event and we should let our loved ones know this.

The influence you have on your children is stronger than you could ever imagine. You offer a unique view that no one else can.

Is your child facing a tough decision regarding their future? We have resources that you can pass along as well as take advantage of yourself. Let us help you as you help them.  Come in and talk to us. We have people on site who can relate to you because they have been in your shoes . . . and those who can relate to your pregnant loved one because they have been in those shoes! You just might find some hope and answers for all involved!


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