Love. It Makes A World Of Difference

There are many different ways that love can be shown to clients or community, but rarely is love the distinct or stated goal of a business. Why? Simply because it is not quantifiable. No one has ever heard in a business meeting, “Congrats, Bill. We have grown 3% in love over last year.”

But we think that perhaps it is time for that to change. Love is a very important part of each of our lives. In fact, love is so important to us that it is even included in the list of necessities for life, alongside things like food, shelter and safety. Often, our daily conversations center around love in some way.

For those who are struggling with unexpected news of an unplanned pregnancy, love may be one of the strongest feelings that they are seeking. During this time, when all plans and identity seem to be lost, receiving unconditional love can be the only anchor that some women need.

What does that unconditional love look like? Love is demonstrated most as a sincere desire to see the other person have a good and satisfying life. Love is a platform on which a person can stand and make good decisions.

Fear is often the very opposite of love; and is usually what women facing an unplanned pregnancy experience.

Fear too often leads to destructive decisions. True and unconditional love says, “You are not alone. There is hope.” Love is not an abstract concept.

So what happens if you find yourself in an unthinkable situation, and feeling like you don’t have that one, unconditional loving relationship on which to rely? That is exactly why Advice & Aid exists. In fact, you could even say that we have built a business on love.

What does love from Advice & Aid look like?

Peer Counseling – First, we make a commitment to have a 24/7 hotline for both women and men facing an unplanned pregnancy. They can call anytime and talk to us. When someone walks into Advice & Aid, they meet immediately with their very own Client Advocate. Client Advocates focus on loving that person by simply listening to them and sharing accurate information. We want each person to be heard.

Free pregnancy tests and sonograms – Experiencing an unplanned pregnancy can be stressful. Not knowing for sure if you are pregnant can be equally as stressful. By offering free medical services in a loving environment, we can begin to build the foundation for someone to make fully informed decisions – not decisions made out of fear, but out of knowledge. And the loving part is that we are there for the entire process.

Education – Love means being there for the long haul, providing useful help and empowering knowledge. Through our Journeys (pregnancy through birth) and Bridges (birth to two years old) programs, we equip each person to successfully look forward by offering parenting classes, health classes, finance classes and more. Love is consistent and enduring and that is why we stay with our participants over a period of three years. We want to help them build healthy, life-long habits.

Abortion Recovery – Many women and men who have intimate experience involving an abortion go through deep emotional pain at some point in their lives. We understand that healing needs to take place, and love means walking through that process with them . . . as long as it takes.

You can be sure that love is something you will find at Advice & Aid. We desire to stand with you, to equip you and offer hope. You may be in an extremely difficult situation, but to quote the Roman poet Virgil, “love conquers all.”

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If you are interested in visiting one of our offices, we want you to know that a visit with us is comforting, peaceful and in no way judgmental. This is a safe place for you to consider all aspects of your unplanned pregnancy. And best of all, you will be in a place that displays true, unconditional love for you .

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