A Life Rich, Full & Abundant – Even When the Unexpected Strikes

A rich, full and abundant life. It’s something we all dream of having.

But when an unexpected pregnancy occurs, life can seem only full of uncertainty and confusion. Certainly not the rich, full and abundant life that we all are hoping for. Here at Advice & Aid, we can help those around us move out of that uncertainty and confusion. In fact, every day, we help our clients move from crisis, to a plan, and then on to a full life again.

How? One step at a time. In fact, that is a major goal of both our Journeys and Bridges programs. In these programs, we get to meet with clients and their partners week after week, helping them slow down, think through what their plan might look like, and figure out the steps they can take to move toward not just life, but a rich, full and abundant life! Occasionally, this even means building a stable, two-parent family for their child.

Here are two stories of couples who found their rich, full and abundant life plan . . . and started the path toward that life they always wanted!

Matt & Kaylee*
(Names have been changed)
When Matt and Kaylee first came to Advice & Aid, they were 20-year-old college students. They were not in a place to have a baby right then, and were considering either abortion or adoption. We discussed the importance of taking time to process and not make a rushed decision. A sonogram made the pregnancy more real for Kaylee, but they still left our office undecided on their pregnancy choice. We gave them the space and the freedom to make the decision without any pressure from us. A few weeks later, we heard back from them. They had decided to carry the baby, and then parent with Matt involved. They expressed interest in starting the Journeys parenting education program here. Throughout the next six months, we met with them weekly and got to see them grow together in their relationship and in their love for each other and their unborn baby. They welcomed a baby girl in May of that year, and both of them have since graduated from college with their respective degrees. They were married this past July.

Brett & Allison*
(Names have been changed)
Brett and Allison participated in our Journeys program after learning about their pregnancy. They had been dating for several years, and Brett let us know in that first session that they planned on getting married in the next year or so. Finances were a big factor in when that could happen. Throughout the Journeys program, they learned about fetal development and pregnancy as well as how to take care of their baby for its first year of life. They actively participated and were engaged in conversation, asking great question about parenting and gaining a great deal of knowledge before the baby ever came. Brett began to hope and dream of what it would be like to be a father. They now have a son, and were married this past summer.

It is truly a blessing to see clients thriving. Their lives have been transformed from that very first meeting at Advice & Aid where we offered them help to get past the crisis and move into the life they were wantinga life that was rich, full and abundant!

Interested in learning more about how our programs can help you? No matter where you are in your journey – unexpected, unplanned, still deciding – we can offer you friendship, support and even a few answers along the way.




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