Contraception Facts:
From someone you can trust

Are all all ways to prevent pregnancy the same?

Pregnancy prevention can come in many forms and different brand names – from emergency contraception to birth control, there are many ways of pregnancy prevention.

But what you don’t always hear about are the risks, the effectiveness and the limitations of some emergency contraception and birth control.

You need a pregnancy counselor who can help you think through these options. One who can also be a well-informed friend who can walk you through all of your questions and concerns.

You need a friend.

At this critical time in your life, there are several things you should have:

  •   All of the options available to you
  •   All of the facts about those options
  •   A plan that is right for you

We will listen to your concerns, and then share the facts on all of your choices and any benefits or risks with those choices. We want to help you find what is best for you.

If you are interested in learning more about the different forms of pregnancy prevention, visit us here.