Contraception Information

The education you need –
from someone you can trust!


There are many options for pregnancy prevention available today. Some go by the name “morning after pill” and some are simply called “emergency contraception.”

But is it all the same thing?

Do you need contraception facts . . . not just hype or rhetoric?

You need a trusted adviser who can walk you through all of your questions and concerns.

As with any medicine, you should know of the limitations and side effects before making your choice.

You need a friend. Not someone who will force you to make a decision you are uncomfortable with, but simply someone who understands, who has the information you need, and can help you sort out facts from hype.

This is a critical time in your life, and it is important to have all the facts on emergency contraception and the morning after pill before making any decisions.

You have a lot to consider and need someone who can help you sort through options before you form a plan that is right for you.

We can help.


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