I Can't Have This Baby with HIM

I Can’t Have This Baby . . . With HIM!

Here at Advice & Aid, we have a licensed social worker on staff to meet with women who find themselves in less-than-ideal situations. Her expertise, wisdom, and resources can sometimes make all the difference for a woman facing an unplanned pregnancy. Our social worker provides real hope for women and allows them to know that they aren’t in this storm alone.

Here are some of her thoughts on a very specific – and yet common – issue that women face.

I meet with a lot of women facing an unplanned pregnancy and many say they just can’t have a baby with HIM.  Maybe their relationship just ended, maybe he was only a friend, maybe he was a guy she met in a bar a few weeks ago, maybe he’s abusive and she wants to leave.  Every woman’s story is unique, yet many share the same desire- to not have HIM be the father. 

No matter who the father is, the woman carrying that baby is its mother.  She has the option to protect the baby.  Biologically, she is a mother whether or not she decides to keep her baby.  She may feel powerless in the face of her situation, but she does have the power to make a choice.

As a licensed Social Worker, I meet with women in our Care Management program to identify characteristics of healthy and unhealthy relationships and also work with women in abusive situations.  Many of the women I work with are in domestic violence situations or have left an abusive partner.  I get the privilege of walking with them on their journey to health and wholeness and seeing them empowered to make positive choices for their future. 

This isn’t the end of the road, and no life has to end on the path to success.  Even if “HE” isn’t ideal, your future can be bright- it just might look a little different than expected!

We aren’t here to pressure you. That’s just not something we do.

But we ARE here to empower you. . . to give you real, honest help for when you find yourself in a situation that isn’t what you wanted.

We do believe in you. And we believe that, with the right help, even if HE was in the picture but not anymore, you can do this.

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