Having A Baby . . . Our Labor & Delivery Program

You are having a baby.

Maybe that statement brings a sense of joy and excitement with it. Maybe it brings some uncertainty and apprehension. Either way, having a baby is a life-changing event. Whether this was planned or unplanned, you are alone or part of a larger family, this is your first time or not – having a baby can have a lot of unknowns which may cause you to feel a little anxious.

One way to be ready for the big day is to have as much help and information at your disposal as possible. Advice & Aid Pregnancy Center has developed a class specifically for the mother-to-be; to give you the information, hope, help and confidence you need to take away the fear and mystique of the birthing process.

Our Labor & Delivery classes are taught by retired Labor & Delivery nurses. Their skill, knowledge, experience and compassion make them exactly the right fit for this class! It is our belief that with knowledge comes confidence. Imagine heading into the birth of your baby with complete knowledge of what to expect. That confidence can actually help the process go smoother.

Our classes cover all of the topics that are most on your mind:

  • The early signs of labor
  • What to expect during active labor
  • The specifics of both a vaginal birth and a cesarean birth
  • How to deal with pain during the birth experience
  • Breathing & visualization exercises
  • Epidurals
  • Education on the postpartum phase

These helpful classes are scheduled for every other month, and clients must be in at least their 25th week of pregnancy to participate.

During this time in your life, you can have someone with experience and knowledge available to talk you through every stage of the process. You can know ahead of time what to expect in order to be fully prepared to handle this momentous event. You can have access to a compassionate and experienced nurse who is available to answer every question you might have.

You are having a baby – Congratulations!

Let us help you prepare for this exciting day. We can help you feel empowered and prepared as you look forward to the arrival of your baby. All it takes is for you to pick up the phone and call us at 913.962.0200.

We are ready . . . are you?

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