‘Gigi’ to My Adopted Granddaughter – The Sweetest Title in the World!

The following adoption reflections were shared with us by a close friend and supporter of Advice & Aid. Her story of learning about the upcoming adoption plan for her daughter and son-in-law – and then the experience of that adoption – is beautifully told.

Let’s start at the beginning.  When my daughter and son-in-law invited all of the parents to their home to help put in a garden, little did we know but the garden was not to be your typical garden of corn and tomatoes,  but a garden of our families’ combined legacies.  They were announcing to us their plan to adopt a baby.  Words really can’t explain the WONDER of it all and the pride we had in our children for hearing God’s call and leaping out in faith to follow. Our children explained that God had been pursuing them to enter into a journey of adoption.  God’s plan was to allow them to be part of the solution to an unplanned pregnancy. Instead of a couple that stood on a rock to say that abortion was wrong, they were being called to DO something different.  They were called to provide an option, a beautiful option for a Chosen Child. A child that God would bring into our BIG family and bless us beyond anything imaginable.  As that night ended, our son-in-law led a prayer and requested that we all pray every day for the birth mother.  We have kept our promise and I pray for her and her blessing every day.  I pray that God will give her the peace that she needs to rest in the fact that her gift is our forever treasure.  Her gift is always loved, always protected and always remembered as the Child of the King.

The morning that our granddaughter was born, the waiting room at 2:00 am was filled with 10 eagerly-awaiting family members. We finally got the chance to meet our granddaughter.  My son-in-law’s mother and I also met the biological mother as we stood at both sides of her bed, held her hands and prayed with her.  She watched the family that she picked to be the forever parents of her daughter.  She witnessed the unconditional love that her daughter would have all the days of her life.  She felt the presence of God, as we all did, it the room so strongly.  He ordained that moment in time and He will give all that is needed in all the days to come. The first second I looked into my grandbabe’s chocolate chip eyes, the realization of the GIFT hit me!! I will forever be her GiGi and she will always be my girl.  We all held our precious baby and cried and took pictures and tried to capture every second of the miracle. I was able to watch my daughter and son-in-law love on and bond with their chosen child. Tears of joy – pure joy – flooded my face.  My daughter a mommy…God’s perfect plan… we were invited to join our children in this journey and we will never be the same.

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Adoption is one of the greatest blessings that anyone can be a part of – either by giving that gift or receiving that gift. We understand the extreme sacrifice that is required on the part of both parties involved in adoption.

When we can be a part of the life-giving choice of adoption, we truly rejoice – both with the mother and the adopting family. And while we don’t handle the adoption service directly, we do work closely with a number of qualified, certified and trusted agencies in our area.

Most importantly, we walk alongside the birth mother through the entire process, knowing this is a brave and sacrificial decision that she has made. We offer her all the support and love that she needs.

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