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From the Heart of a Dad

The following was shared with us by one of our dad clients. We thought it was timely, as we look ahead to Father’s Day , to hear from a dad on what it is like to find help and support here at Advice & Aid. His words are extremely encouraging to any man out there who is afraid of becoming a dad for the first time (or maybe even the second or third time!).

If you have questions about becoming a dad – or just need to talk to another man – we have men here who are available to talk to you. Just schedule an appointment and we can arrange a time for you to get encouragement and answers from any of them.

When I married my wife, I never imagined the trials we would face as parents. I imagined all the good times we would have someday; walking at the park, holding hands, chasing our kids as they chased our dog, the sun setting behind us and pigeons flying all around.

When my wife and I found out we were going to be parents, we were so happy. My wife (at about 6 months into her pregnancy) and I had a very hard time in our marriage. We found out about Advice & Aid and their Journeys program they offered. After a few times of sending my wife on her own, I finally decided to go with her. To my surprise, the staff welcomed me, didn’t judge me, never pressured or questioned me and simply applauded me for being there. I felt welcomed and important. Going became something I looked forward to. They showed us videos about how to handle certain situations with newborns and the importance of family and being parents. 

After our first child was born, we moved onto the Bridges Parenting Support Group. Bridges was so good for us as a new family. At the time, I was the only father there attending classes. Even though I was the only guy, I made a commitment to go and be a support system for my wife and child. While attending Bridges, I was able to grow closer to my wife and we benefited as a couple because we were learning how to manage family time and parent time and even “us” time. Our marriage grew stronger and so did our faith. 

When the trials unraveled, we were strong enough to face them together. We had a lot of support from the staff who always prayed with and for us. Even when I had a hard time providing basic needs for my family, Advice & Aid was able to help us and provide diapers for my daughter. 

After some time, Pathways Dad’s Support Classes was formed. Our group of men, as small as it was, helped me feel proud of myself as a dad. I felt like I had people to talk to and relate to. Our Pathways leader, Chuck, was a good role model for me and always made me feel like I was doing a great job at being a dad and husband. He always encouraged me to keep going, even when sometimes all I wanted was to run. He motivated me to run the race instead of running away. 

Pathways showed me the importance of the fathers role in a family and I’ll always be grateful for that. 

Advice & Aid has been a blessing to me as a father and as a husband. I don’t think I would be as strong as I am today for me and my family if I wouldn’t have met all these amazing people along the way. 

Getting plugged in to a group of like-minded individuals can make a whole world of difference to someone who needs a little help now and then. And let’s face it, we can all use the support of others to help us be better!

Journeys, Bridges & Pathways provides that opportunity. Here at Advice & Aid, we care not just about the women but also about the men that come through our doors.

Men, you too have a voice that deserves to be heard and acknowledged. You deserve help and support as you work to help and support your family. Here, you can find the very support that will help you be successful!

Check out our programs (in the links above), and then plan to join us soon!

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