Encouragement During Pregnancy – Our Story

Many times, it can be hard to keep going. Even for us, knowing that what we do truly provides help to those who are in a crisis pregnancy, it can be difficult sometimes. So often we run into road blocks, barriers and problems. People often oppose us. It can sometimes feel overwhelming for us.

But then, just when we need it, an encouragement comes our way. It can take many different forms . . . but is always the right words at just the right time for us. And because you are interested in what we do (even just by taking the time to read this post), we wanted to share that encouragement with you. The following was given to us by someone who found our services to be valuable. They were the words we needed to keep on keeping on.

I want to thank God for letting us attend the classes at Advice & Aid. Each class provides a wonderful opportunity for us to grow in both our personal lives and parenting skills.  There is so much valuable information that we are gaining from these classes that help us truly be better parents.

We are learning that at times, we need to further educate ourselves and make changes in our habits or our way of thinking. Neither of us feel that we had the right kind of parenting modeled in our own homes as we were growing up. Prior to these classes, parenting for us was based more on feeling than on actual knowledge of correct parenting skills.

Due to our attendance the Advice & Aid classes, our baby is blessed to get exactly what she needs. These things are not limited to just parenting skills for us, but also material needs for our daughter (diapers, clothes, toys, food, furniture, etc). By attending classes, we receive points that can be exchanged for items that we need. It is a rewarding way to receive assistance.

 Since we began our time with Advice & Aid, we feel more confident as parents because of the education we now have. From what to expect during the pregnancy, to step by step encouragement and knowledge as we began parenting, we have developed close friendships with the wonderful people who provide the help and support we need.

It is through stories like this that we find the encouragement we need to keep going. Despite the opposition we sometimes feel, we know that helping these precious ladies and their families is the most rewarding and fulfilling calling we could answer.

If you are interested in learning how you can be involved in changing lives for the better through Advice & Aid, please visit our partner page here.

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