Election – When You Need to Choose More Than A President

Every four years in the United States, we have the opportunity through our election process to exercise our right to vote. It’s a privilege that we sometimes take for granted. And while it is, indeed, a great privilege, it also comes with great responsibilities. We must educate ourselves about all the candidates, the issues, the potential long term effects of those that may end up in office, both for us and our future family.  It is so important that our vote is based on truth, on facts, and not on promises that may or may not be kept. Truly, the quality of our lives and our futures may depend on it.

At first glance, it may seem that the election process has nothing in common with unplanned pregnancy, although it certainly can have great impact on it. The presidential elections come around every four years, and we know exactly when to expect them. An unplanned pregnancy, on the other hand, often shows up when we are least thinking about it.

However, like voting, the decision we make in regards to a pregnancy is something that must be carefully considered. With a pregnancy – planned or unplanned – there are multiple options from which to choose.  Each option can have a great affect on us, our family, and our future family in multiple ways. Deciding which option to choose is not easy. Our decision must be based on truth, on facts, and not on promises that might not ever be fulfilled.

Needing to make a choice – other than the election – right now? Make your first decision the one to check out Advice & Aid. Here you’ll find no rhetoric, no tricks. No promises that can’t be fulfilled. This is simply a place you can trust to receive the help you need. If we had a party platform, it would be this . . . Here for you. Here for your good.

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