Almost Undone - What Happens to Beauty When We Don't Give it a Life?

Almost Undone: What Happens When a Beautiful Thing Isn’t Given a Chance

There is substantial evidence that what are possibly some of the most beautiful things in the world almost weren’t in the world because they weren’t given a chance.  They were almost not here.  They were almost undone. 

Consider your favorite, most moving musical score or song.  Think about that book that you read over and over again.  How about the influencer you follow the most or that person you’ll never be able to thank enough for what they did… or for who they’ve been to you?  What would life be like without the talents of the inventor of the Oreo cookie or even something as overlooked as vanilla extract?

What if these things that inspire our senses had never been valued by the ones that worked to develop them?  What if the chance had never been offered to humans that have inspired us in countless ways because they were prematurely judged to be disposable or simply not worth the work?

There are stories out there that give us pause to consider what our world would be like had some of it’s more inspiring people not been given a chance.  Famous stories have been shared about unknown mothers that almost aborted children that have beautifully shaped the world.  Justin Bieber, Andrea Bocelli and Tim Tebow are only a few of the close calls.  They, and so many others that we may never realize, were almost victims of abortion.  Their influence was almost cut off.  Their imprint on our lives almost wasn’t because their lives were almost undone.

Consider also the children that are born into arms that know they cannot offer what is needed so they lovingly surrender their children to others.  Other arms that can offer what is needed.  Other arms that will carry their children to places someone else is dreaming of.  Beautiful places that one cannot yet conceive already planned in the minds of others.

There is a beautiful song from Les Misérables called “I Dreamed a Dream.” When well sung, it reduces the listener to tears.  In 2009 there was a woman, considered old and unattractive by most, that walked onto the stage of Simon Cowell’s show “Britain’s Got Talent.”  People rolled their eyes and everyone became an instant judge – determining that she was a zero-talent joke.  When asked why she hadn’t already become famous her response was, “I never gave it a chance before.”  Susan Boyle beautifully gave them a different message because she was giving the beautiful thing in her a chance. 

Just recently, many were moved to tears by a Superbowl commercial for Toyota featuring a Paralympic swimmer named Jessica Long.  Her story inspires because her life rebukes that thing inside of us that whispers the lie that we will not thrive in life unless everything is how we want it to be.  Her adoptive parents, and now the world, think differently.  She was given a chance and adopted from Russia at 13 months of age.  She had two severely malformed legs.  Her birth mom, only 16 and unable to care properly for her, chose to send her to arms that could lift her higher than she knew she would be able to at that tender age.  Jessica ended up being a Paralympic swimmer that inspired our hurting world on Superbowl Sunday because she was given a chance. 

Toyota’s tagline expresses it well:  “We believe there is hope and strength in all of us.”  We at Advice and Aid believe that, too.  There is hope and strength in all of us that only needs to be given some kind of a chance.

I wonder at the beauty that was not cut short by the fact that Jessica Long’s birth mother gave her life a chance.  I’m swept with emotion at the beauty that Susan Boyle allowed to be birthed through her despite all of the jeers and dismissals by the audience.  That same audience that assumed nothing good could come out of someone like Susan Boyle (unsuccessful, unattractive by our standards, and unemployed) was schooled in the few seconds it took her to birth a beautiful song in front of them.

I guess the question all of us could ask is this:  what beautiful thing could be birthed in front of us if we would only give it a chance and not judge it to be incapable of greatness?

It might be time to rethink our fears and assumptions and let something beautiful begin.

“That’s all beautiful,” you may think. “But if I have to do this alone, no matter how beautiful it may be, I simply can’t.”

We understand that. And we’re here to say . . . You don’t have to do this alone!

From friendship to medical help, classes and training to tangible items that you need – we can help provide it. No cost to you. Just your willingness to let us come alongside you and help.

So how about it? Are you ready to see that beautiful thing in your life happen?

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