More Than Just A Pregnancy Test

One of the most rewarding aspects of Advice & Aid Pregnancy Centers is when we can offer answers, assistance and hope for someone for an extended period of time. Our connection doesn’t end when a person makes a decision regarding how to handle their unplanned pregnancy. Sometimes, people even come to us with a pregnancy that was completely planned . . . but they have no idea how to manage it all. Many times, we have the opportunity to walk with them for awhile, giving them assistance, offering them knowledge and skills that allow them to be successful when they walk out our doors for the last time.

One of the ways that we do this is through our Bridges Program. This is a two year program where participants can find practical, emotional, spiritual, social and intellectual help that they need. For more information, read about our Bridges Program here.

We often ask those who have completed the Bridges Program (and wish to give us feedback) to let us know how this program helped them. It is rewarding to hear, in their own words, how they found exactly what they needed . . . and most of all, hope for their future. These are their words:

“The Bridges Program helped me in so many ways – education (I was able to go back to school), materials, parenting skills, financial knowledge (helping me learn how to prepare my taxes) and even in my relationships.”

“The program was most helpful to me in a financial way. Because you provided so much of what my son needed, I was able to save a lot of money. I was even able, with your help, to provide Christmas for my son!”

“This was an amazing experience! I learned so much on many different topics of daily living. You gave me the encouragement to go to back school. When you had a Johnson County Community College student come in and speak to us, it inspired me to finish my schooling (what a great talk!). I am now almost through my classes and will graduate as a Certified Nursing Assistant. I plan to keep going now until I reach my goals. Through the Bridges Program, I learned so much – from how to be a better parent for my kids to how to save money on groceries by making a shopping list. I learned about taxes and saving money, how to have good relationships . . . and so much more!”

Those who have graduated from our Bridges Program are often able to take what they have learned and move forward with their lives. No longer are they stuck in life, not knowing where to turn for help. They have found help . . . and hope for a better future.

For more information about our Bridges program, please contact us at 913-962-0200. By calling, you are not committing yourself to come – you will be simply speaking to someone who can begin to give you the information you need.

The help you need might just be right around the corner!

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