Abortion Recovery – There Is Hope

Abortion recovery is a very real necessity
If you have gone through the pain of a past abortion, there is a tremendous amount of healing – psychologically, spiritually and emotionally – that needs to take place.

You may find yourself looking for recovery help, but it can often be difficult to find, leaving you feeling alone and isolated. A past abortion is an immensely private issue that you may be unwilling to discuss openly, which can add to your feelings of helplessness and isolation.

What is important for you to know is that you are not alone. Others have walked in your shoes, and have found the healing that they needed.

There is help available.
And with that help comes the hope that healing can begin.

Advice & Aid offers the sensitive, comforting help that you are looking for with our Abortion Recovery program. We have trained staff on hand that understands the emotional pain and scars that come with a past abortion. Our counselors know the unique healing that needs to take place because they themselves have found healing and help in their own abortion recovery journey.

An abortion recovery plan that works best for YOU
We offer two different healing scenarios for you to choose from. Two times each year, we hold a group session where women of all ages are encouraged to come. We often find that, as they feel comfortable with opening up and sharing their personal experiences, both the woman sharing and the other women in the room find healing and comfort.

The other scenario we offer is one-on-one sessions with a peer counselor. These counselors have been where you are today . . . dealing with the scars of a past abortion. They have found the help they needed to recover. They no longer feel trapped by the past. They no longer deal with unrelenting grief. The help that they can offer you is unique in its perspective – and highly effective as you begin your journey to recovery yourself.

Does a friend need help?
Perhaps you are not the one who has experienced the pain of a past abortion, but you know and care about someone who is suffering. Reach out to us. We can offer help and advice as you work to help your loved one begin to recover.

How you can reach out to us . . .
to begin the recovery & hope you need

If you would like to speak with someone on the phone, simply call us at 913.962.0200 and ask for Martha. She understands your situation and can begin to point you in the direction of healing. There is no commitment, no invasion of your privacy. Just a warm, comforting voice on the line that holds out hope for you.

It is easy to make an appointment with us – simply click on the button below and schedule an appointment at a time that fits your schedule. You don’t even have to speak with anyone today. Once here, you can meet with someone who very likely has been exactly where you are. The difference is that they have found the help and hope they needed to begin the recovery process. You can too.

Stories of women who have been where you are today:
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