A Note to All Adoptive Moms – Celebrating Your BRAVE!

November is National Adoption Month, and I just want to give a word of encouragement to all the adoptive moms out there. We talk a lot about birth moms being brave, but YOU are brave too! You are brave when you make the decision to adopt. You are brave when you travel halfway around the world, or just around the corner to bring your baby home. You are brave every time you take your child to another doctor or specialist appointment. You are brave when you get those phone calls from the school. You are brave when you seek counseling for yourself because maybe you don’t know how to handle all the emotions that go with adoption. You are brave every time your child asks about their birth mom and you are there with open heart and arms to love them and answer the questions the best you can. You are brave when you admit you don’t have all the answers. You are BRAVE!

Remember through all the excitement that surrounds adoption this month, no matter how you feel at this moment, you are making a brave choice every day. Over and over in Psalms, David talks about how the Lord is his strength. Our prayer for you is that on the days when doubt and heartache seem overwhelming, you will remember where your true strength comes from and continue to be brave.

Here at Advice & Aid, our commitment to caring for a woman – the whole woman, no matter what stage of life she may be in, or what her choices are – is what drives us to do what we do every day. And as we spend a little extra time this month thinking about adoption, we want you to know that for all of those moms out there who have chosen this difficult path – whether from the side of choosing it for their baby, or from those who have chosen to love an adopted child as their own flesh and blood – we support you.

And since our goal is to support and care for women, we are also here for you. If you find yourself needing some extra reassurance, help or just a listening ear, reach out to us. We are here for you in this overwhelmingly brave life that you are living every day!

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